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Hi, I'm Froggy, I'm getting better at this whole wiki thing.

You'll probably see me lurking around the place, updating like a ninja. It's usually stuff like NPOV stuff, spelling and grammar. That, and being the sole contributor for Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII.

I'm still in school, so I predominantly add content during holidays, weekends and when I'm not at work or doing schoolwork.

I also have a job. I work as a checkout chick (cashier) for a supermarket, which keeps me in video games - I blame my elder brother for making me a gamer girl, it'd probably be a lot cheaper and less strenuous upon my meagre earnings for me to have a 'normal' interest... like clothes... or stupid romantic comedies...

Anyways, if you want to come visit my town on Animal Crossing or something, email me and I might give you my friend code so you can laugh at all the weeds that grow in my town (it's called Squall, and my character is called Tempestt, which was my NOE username ages ago).

Games I am Currently Playing (and may at some point be updating on StrategyWiki):

Okay, it's official. I am almost literally drowning in games. I have all these games and most of them I've barely started. What I need is a good long holiday to catch up on these... hmmm... holidays...

Systems I own or can steal off my siblings[edit]

As you can see from my many games, I must have a lot of consoles. Sad but true fact is that I have two brothers and a sister and if there weren't any consoles in the household, there would've been two or three murders in the household during the holidays. I have or I can steal off my brothers and sister:

  • a Nintendo Gamecube
  • a Playstation 2 (I also have a PS1 somewhere around here)
  • a Sega Megadrive - give me a shout if you have one - I certainly don't know anyone who does!
  • various incarnations of the Gamebody. I have a Nintendo DS, which also means that I have a Game Boy Advance
  • a Playstation Portable - this is my little brothers, but I borrow it off him all the time.
  • My computer - I love my computer. It is the only one in the house that can play the Myst trilogy (well, I only have the first three, it's in a box with 'myst trilogy' written on it) without any serious hangups.

Guides I've had a hand in[edit]

Guides I've started[edit]

Miscellany (userboxes galore!)[edit]

(0_o) This user is female.

<- This user is left handed

O_O This user stays up late editing wikis.


It's nice to put things in perspective, no? I'm concentrating on Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII at the moment, so all the stuff I'll have to do (if somebody doesn't beat me to it first) will be in one place.

Pending tasks for Froglet

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII Stuff:

  • Start Chapters 10, 11 and 12 of DoC complete at least the boss strategies and the missions sections.
  • Make more maps! (the helpful people at the staff lounge suggested it and I'm beginning to enjoy it a load! When I get bored of writing, I make a map, and when for some reason my computer wouldn't get onto Strategywiki I made a map. Heh heh.)
  • Put loads more detail into the Equipment section of the guide - how much do they cost, where can you find them, what about the Model Gun? etc.
  • Add more detail and retest locations for the Memory Capsules - partially the reason why I got a new memory card.
  • Start 'Extra Missions' section.
  • Find more stuff for the 'secrets' section.
  • Start the infamous Gun Tree

Final Fantasy XII possibilities:

  • Do sidequests - loads easier to do than the main guide.
  • Design tables for magicks, weapons, armour etc.
  • Controls!
  • Finish off the Garamsythe Waterway and the Royal Palace sections - I really should've completed that ages ago...
  • Perhaps upload some better boxart for this game...

Children of Mana

  • Add starting stats to the Main Characters section.
  • Complete the 'Weapons' 'Armours' and 'Accessories' sections
  • Start The Mana Tower

Sword of Mana

  • So far Rocky has been keeping the walkthrough together while I swan off and butterfly around the other game guides. I really should continue with the heroine's path.
  • Remove my sarcasm from the Characters section - unless somebody else has beaten me to it :-P

It's Mah Birthday![edit]

W00T! I'm 17 years old as of 11th June. Yippee!!