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Wii Fitness is a daily routine that you do to improve your in-game fitness age. To improve your age, you must practice every day. But you can only take the test once each day and you cannot retake the test for the second time around. If you exit the Wii Fitness test during play, you won't be able to take it again until the following day.

The test is divided into three sessions. The sessions are exactly the same as their Training mode counterparts with only slight differences. The sessions are chosen at random and they are different each day.

Changes from Training Mode sessions[edit]

Below are the changes in these sessions. Other than the listed, it is exactly like training mode so practice a lot in the Training mode Area!

  • In "Returning the Balls" session, the computer player will throw 50 balls at you. If you miss, you do not stop.
  • In "Timing your Swing" session, the computer player will throw 30 balls at you. If you miss, you don't stop.
  • In "Target Practice" for Tennis, there are 10 targets to hit. If you miss, you don't stop but you must serve again.
  • The game sometimes will alert you if you need the Nunchuk attachment. If you pick "Yes," then you know you will get at least one Boxing challenge for sure! If you don't feel like playing a Boxing challenge today, select "No."


Once you complete all three sessions, the game will then give you your fitness age between 20 and 80. The lower the number, the better. The game will then graph you age for today on a graph and will send you a message to the Wii Message Board.

The lower your score, the better. The game will also measure your strengths and weaknesses on a web diagram.

The graph can span up to three months. As you play and do better, you can see your progress on this chart. Move the Wii Remote over the graph and press the A Button to see the progress over 1, 2, or 3 months.

A message will appear on your Wii Message Board every time you complete the Wii Fitness challenge for the day. The message will tell you your fitness age today, how much it increased or decreased, & will tell you how many tests you have taken and the date you did it on. You don't have to keep the message you receive as you can simply trash it once you read it, but you might want it as a keepsake.


If you want take Wii Fitness more than once per day, go to the Wii menu, then the Wii settings and change the date. Go to Wii Sports, then Wii Fitness and then you will see that you can play Wii Fitness again.