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Adol Christin[edit]

An all-rounder who possess balanced attack speed and range. Learns various skills and is useful in any situation.



Name SP PWR STN BRK Description
Sonic Slide 10 C+ C+ C Rush the enemy and deliver a quick slice.
Rising Slash 10 C+ C+ C+ Deliver a quick slice mid-jump.
Arc Shot 10 C C D Unleash an impact wave with a downward swing.
Sword Impact 15 C B+ D Unleash stored energy to blow enemies away.
Aerial Spin 20 B B C+ Rise into the air with a stylish spinning slash.
Force Edge 20 B B++ B Decimate enemies with a sword wrapped in light.
Aura Blade 20 B+ A+ A A light-enveloped sword slices immediate enemies.
Sky Drive 20 B+ B++ C++ Leap and emit a shockwave with rotating slash.
Tornado Sword 22 B B C Summon a tornado vacuum by slicing the air itself.
Thrust Storm 36 A B++ S Lightning-fast thrusts lead into a final strike.
Blade Rush 40 A+ A B++ Charge and stun foes with a resplendent attack.
Brave Charge 48 A+ A+ A++ A brave fighting spirit mows down enemies.

Laxia von Roswell[edit]

A speedy fighter who unleashes attacks in rapid succession. Wields powerful skills that focus on a single target.

Noble Barrage


Name SP PWR STN BRK Description
Rapid Thrust 8 C C+ C++ Unleash consecutive thrusts in a graceful stance.
Dagger Fling 10 C++ C+ C+ Throw a hidden dagger to immobilize the enemy.
Needle Break 10 C B++ SS Strike with precision, like threading the needle.
Wake Up! 10 C+ C+ C Slice the enemy by scooping them up from below.
Sylphid's Kiss 18 B+ C+ C++ Thrust and slice with a violent wind blade.
Blitz Charge 20 B B C++ Drop from above and skewer the enemy.
Eagle Lancer 22 B B C+ Stun enemies with the ruler of the sky's power.
Stun Thrust 24 B A B Unleash a thrust laced with bolts of lightning.
Spark Chaser 25 B B C A lightning dagger bounces from foe to foe.
Piercing Tempest 36 A+ A+ S A flurry of thrusts is followed by a hard strike.
Precious Impact 40 A B++ B++ The blade's aura cuts the earth and nearby foes.
Lethal Raid 45 A+ B++ A++ Strike the foe's vulnerability and then slice.

Sahad Nautilus[edit]

A strong fighter who exerts powerful strikes in a wide range. Though his mobility is low, his HP is quite high.

Celestial Crash


Name SP PWR STN BRK Description
Wild Appeal 5 - - - Draw the enemies' attention with a feral taunt.
High Wave 10 C+ C+ C Make shockwaves to crash against nearby enemies.
Grand Anchor 12 C B+ C++ Strike the ground and cause the earth to tremble.
Gale Blow 18 B C C With gusto, unleash the fist's true might.
Vortex 20 B C+ C+ Pull in nearby enemies by twirling the weapon.
Upper Break 20 B+ B++ C++ Swing and jump upward, dragging the enemy along.
Great Ram 25 B S C+ Charge and tackle enemies with a defensive attack.
Power Strike 26 B+ A A A full swing that pushes the weapon to its limit.
Seine Toss 28 C++ C+ D Toss a large fishing net to ensnare enemies.
Magna Wave 40 A A+ B++ Kick up and flip a section of earth onto the foe.
Spiral Anchor 48 A+ A A Draw in and hit foes with a whirlpool-esque move.
Raging Deluge 52 A+ C C+ Possess and unleash the power of the raging sea.

Hummel Trabaldo[edit]

A mid-range fighter who prefers to attack from a distance. Wields tricky skills that are powerful when mastered.

Calamity Burst


Name SP PWR STN BRK Description
Somersault 8 C+ C+ D Spin with eloquence and kick the enemy skyward.
Burst Shot 10 C+ C+ C Shoot straight ahead and blow enemies away.
Venomous Bullet 12 C C D A bullet laced with poison falls from the sky.
Counter Trick 15 B++ A A Anticipate an attack and shoot the foe's opening.
Quaker 16 C++ C+ C+ Fire shots into the ground and then detonate them.
Guilty Raid 20 B+ B++ C++ Combine a bayonet stab with exploding bullets.
Judgment 22 B+ B A Snipe enemies with a powerful, long-range bullet.
Triple Bomber 24 B++ A+ C+ Fire a floating mine with a delayed explosion.
Assault Rain 25 B B B Leap above and then rain bullets down on the foe.
Hasty Valor 40 A B++ A+ Consecutive, rapid shots aimed straight ahead.
Firecracker 45 A+ B++ B++ Toss and shoot flame mines to ignite the area.
Prominence Shot 50 A+ B+ C++ Fire a bullet that explodes on impact.

Ricotta Beldine[edit]

A nimble fighter who possesses both power and speed. Wields various skills that can turn the tide of battle.

Wild Scramble


Name SP PWR STN BRK Description
Wild Spin 10 C C+ C Spin in midair and strike.
Bandit Tackle 10 C C D Tackle the enemy and force them to drop an item.
Screw Fang 10 C+ A++ A Deal consecutive strikes while spinning around.
Handmade Trap 12 C C D Lay a bear trap that will snap shut when touched.
Beast Attack 18 B++ B+ B Charge in like a beast, stopping only to attack.
Green Whip 20 B+ B++ B++ Fully extend the flail and slam with full force.
Mighty Orbit 20 B++ SS S Spin till dizzy, dragging foes along for the ride.
Flame Swing 22 B+ B C++ Strike with a club imbued with flames.
Rumble Thorn 24 B+ B C++ Sow plant seeds that impale enemies with thorns.
Triple Bang 36 A A+ A Three consecutive hits precede a large explosion.
Spiral Dive 45 A+ A++ B++ Create a shockwave by spinning down from the sky.
Dino Throw 55 A S B+ Chuck a Primordial bone to floor enemies.

Dana Iclucia[edit]

An all-rounder who boasts incredible speed and attack range. Wields various Essence skills and can fight any opponent.

Glacial Blade Dance


Name SP PWR STN BRK Description
Dragon Spirit 1 - - - Slowly drains SP to unleash power hidden within
Twin Edge 10 C+ C+ C+ Slice surrounding enemies with both blades.
Sonic Rise 12 C++ C+ C+ Slice encroaching enemies with razor-sharp winds.
Elemental Shot 14 C C D Enhance your Essence and release a light bullet forward.
Mistral Edge 18 B B+ B+ A flowing rotating attack that hunts the enemy down with one strike.
Boomerang Edge 20 B C+ A+ Hurl a blade to damage and draw the enemy in.
Twin Moon Blade 20 B B B Attack the enemy with two elegant slashes.
Earth Dragon 30 B+ B++ C++ Stab blades into the ground to blow foes back.
Dragon Wave 32 B A++ C Unleash the body's energy and blow enemies away.
Spiel Round Dance 40 A++ A A+ Move and strike with an elegant flurry of attacks.
Ice Age 48 A++ C C Unleash absolute cold to freeze all who approach.
Water Burst 52 A+ C+ C Summon a sphere of water to absorb all in range.