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Laxia von Roswell[edit]

A noble daughter of House Roswell of Garman. Holds herself and others to uncompromisingly high standards.

Village Notes
1 Primordial Knowledge Though her archeologist father taught her about Primordials, she resents him for abadoning his noble house.
2 Lady of Age Though delighted to receive a doll from Adol, she seems concerned about what this may imply about a woman her age. Give Teddy Bear
3 Memories of Father When she was fourteen, her father gave her a pair of glasses, and allowed her to assist him with his research. Give Elegant Glasses
4 Growth and Gratitude Realizing how much she has matured, she thanked Adol before the final battle.

Sahad Nautilus[edit]

A fisherman from Greek who possesses and abundance of knowledge about the ocean. Emotionally honest to a fault.

Village Notes
1 A (Suprisingly) Married Man Has a wife and daughter waiting for him back home. According to Sahad, his wife is actually very beautiful.
2 Phobias Despite his candor, he can be a coward at times. Though he fears ghosts, his wife apparently scares him most of all.
3 Respectable Wife Though Sahad's wife is from a reputable family, she fell in love with him and the two were wed.
4 The Captain's Legacy Once they escape the island, he wants to find Captain Barbaros's family and tell them all he did for the castaways.

Hummel Trabaldo[edit]

A transporter who steers clear of the other castaways. His true objective remains a mystery...

Village Notes
1 Unexpected Objective As it turns out, his true objective was to deliver ship blueprints and a jar of pickles to Thanatos Beldine.
2 Juggler Not only is he an inexplicably skilled juggler, but he's also great with kids. It seems he's just full of surprises. Give Juggling Balls
3 Kind Heart After finding a Primordial egg, he took it upon himself to safely transport it back to its nest.
4 New Trabaldo He lived in an orphanage after running away from home. He became a new Trabaldo after making peach with his father.

Ricotta Beldine[edit]

An innocent, studious young girl. She had been living on this island for a long time before the castaways arrived.

Village Notes
1 Precious Father Though not blood-related, she calls Thanatos her father.
2 Precious Mentor Apparently Shoebill is her mentor. When Ricotta was little, she protected her from beasts and even fed her, too.
3 Precious Master Master Kong taught Ricotta how to hunt, fight, and other survival skills.
4 Still Learning She is happy to have met so many new people. She is eager to learn more and see the world after they escape.

Dana Iclucia[edit]

A mysterious woman whom Adol has been dreaming of. The chosen Maiden of the Great Tree for the Kingdom of Eternia.

Village Notes
1 Lost Memories Awakens in Castaway Village with her memories lost. She seems to have lived in an era when Primordials flourished...
2 Defiant Warden Though chosen to become a Warden of Evolution, she defied the Lacrimosa by sealing herself away.
3 Shared Fates She apologized to Adol before the final battle, after realizing that she must have chosen him to be the next Warden.



Adol's good friend and muscle-bound partner. Though rough around the edges, he is an honorable, kindhearted man.

Village Notes
1 Skilled Laborer Adept at both manual labor and careful construction, he focuses his efforts on fortifying Castaway Village.
2 Dependable His actions have earned him a reputation for being very dependable. He has become the go-to guy for help.
3 A Partner's Promise Over drinks, he confided his worries about Adol to him. Still, he laughed off the imminent danger as nothing new.


A lovely, tidy seamstress. She came ashore without her husband, and worries for his safety.

Village Notes
1 Alison's Struggle Determined to prove her usefulness to the village, she sets out to improve her tailoring skills.
2 Illness Revealed Her illness turned out to be a secret pregnancy. She only hid it because she didn't want to trouble the others.
3 New Life She delivered her baby upon reuniting with Ed. Though premature, the baby is all smiles.


Alison's husband and an expert tailor. A calm, doting, and dedicated man.

Village Notes
1 New Father The moment he was reunited with Alison, she gave birth to their son and he entered the realm of fatherhood.
2 Name Request He wishes for his son to be as brave as Adol. Thus, he asked Adol to name his child.
3 Red-haired Hero Because Adol is a hero to Ed's family, he resolved to tailor for him the best adventuring outfit ever.


A proud, confident blacksmith. Skilled at the forge, and very observant of her surroundings.

Village Notes
1 Soul Refinement Worked day and night with orichalcum, which is said to be harder than diamond, to make brilliant new weapons for Adol.
2 The Lambert Legacy As a Lambert, her family name has a reputation for quality blacksmithing. Even so, she doubts her worthiness.
3 Epiphany Inspired by Adol, she is determined to forge a weapon that can cut open a path to hope for everyone.

Hope / Luke / Will[edit]

Alison and Ed's infant son. His pudgy face and cute smile are a delight to the entire village.

Village Notes
1 The Hope of Castaway Village
The Light of Castaway Village
The newborn represents the hope of Castaway Village, thus did Adol name him "Hope".
The newborn represents the light of Castaway Village, thus did Adol name him "Luke".
Named "Will" by his parents, in hopes that their son would be blessed with a strong will.
Name baby Hope or Luke, or parents will name if miss event

Sister Nia[edit]

A devout Sister of the Church of the Romun Empire. Kind, but has moments of occasional oddness.

Village Notes
1 Religious Zeal Believing everything to be God's will and that hardships are tests of faith, she feels no distress whatsoever.
2 Understanding Fate With the captain's death, she eventually realized that fate is not preordained, but shaped by one's actions.
3 Tempered by Faith She believes her experiences on the island were God's way of helping her realize her true potential.


An energetic young merchant. After missing a major business meeting, she sets up shop on the island.

Village Notes
1 Deserted Island Trader Determined to turn a profit no matter what form it takes, she established a trading post on the island.
2 Surprising Behavior She decided to keep the ancient coin Adol gave her as a keepsake, rather than sell it once she returns home.
3 Generosity She thanked Adol by giving him a big sack of money, bragging that she could make that amount back in no time.


A gruff, no-nonsense officer of the Romun military police.

Village Notes
1 Pursuing Nameless He boarded the Lombardian in pursuit of the Nameless Ripper, and looks forward to bringing him to justice one day.
2 Handy Euron He is surprisingly handy, and though he complains, he has helped finish crafting many tools and new facilities.
3 So They Say The Romun military is interested in the whereabouts of a red-haired swordsman, he said to no one in particular...


A precious young boy. Impish at times, but overall very mature for his age.

Village Notes
1 Millionaire's Son Heir apparent to the Dior family, the wealthiest family in all Greek. Perhaps that explains his inflated ego.
2 Pikkard Bonding He seems to really like the pikkards, despite his suspiciously specific claims otherwise...
3 Future Farmer Though he hated farming at first, he has become quite good at it. Everyone thinks he has real potential.


A housewife who helps at her husband's restaurant in Greek. She looks rather young for her age.

Village Notes
1 Mother of Six Not even Adol could hide his surprise when he found out she was the mother of six children.
2 Idea Chef She's always coming up with new dishes that taste amazing and use every ingredient to its full potential.
3 Homesick Seeing Adol reminded her of her kids, but his encouraging words cheered her up and revitalized her spirit.


A timid young man who is overwhelmed by his current situation, and worries about those around him.

Village Notes
1 Medical Resident A medical resident who hopes to become a full-fledged doctor. While observant and insightful, he lacks confidence.
2 Life Savior He was inspired to study medicine after his doctor saved his life from an illness many years ago.
3 Breakthrough Believes in himself, thanks to Adol's encouragement, and has resumed pursuing his dreams of becoming a doctor.


A young girl who can't sit still. She was wandering the island by herself before Kiergaard captured her.

Village Notes
1 Prankster She loves pulling pranks on people. Her eyes lit up when Adol gave her a sticky burr as a gift. Give Sticky Burr
2 Reason to Smile She understands that many people have helped her, so she tries to smile for them all the time.
3 Secret to Happiness Find something that makes you smile, no matter what's happening. That's all it takes to be happy all the time.


A young nobleman from Gllia who dabbles in all forms of art. However, he is not confident in his musical abilities.

Village Notes
1 Artistic Talent Judging by Austin's portrait of Adol, his artistic talent seems to be ahead of its time...
2 Musical Talent His harp music moves everyone who hears it, but Austin will not admit that he is talented.
3 New Perspective He thought he was special because he was born a noble, but life in the village has changed his perspective.


An old woman who comes across as gentle and unassuming. But when she's holding a sword...

Village Notes
1 Silver-Winged Hawk A former gladiator known as the Silver-Winged Hawk, she is the undefeated champion of the Romun Coliseum.
2 Old Sword Adol and the others are blown away by her sword skills. Retirement clearly has not dulled her edge.
3 Pride Restored After battling Primordials, she has decided to unretire and return to the Coliseum.


Seasoned explorer and Ricotta's father. Has an interesting sense of humor.

Village Notes
1 Disappearance Explained He traveled north to investigate the Primordials in the region, only to be plucked by a pterosaur.
2 Family Matters He might have loved ones other than Ricotta, but he'd rather keep those details to himself.
3 Exploring Afroca His travels as an explorer have brought him to Afroca many times. Next time, he would like to go back with Ricotta.


A member of the Lombardia's crew who holds Captain Barbaros in high esteem. Somewhat timid, but very helpful.

Village Notes
1 Bittersweet Reunion Though relieved to reunite with Adol and Dogi, Katthew's reunion with Captain Barbaros never came to pass...
2 Inherited Name Working hard to fulfill the captain's final wish, he christened their newly built escape vessel "Lombardia II".
3 The Captain's Wish He begged Adol to let him fulfill the captain's final wishes. He hopes to captain a ship of his own one day.


A cool, composed butler in service to House Roswell. Even as a castaway, he wears a tailcoat.

Village Notes
1 Amicable Relationship Though he is somewhat tactless toward Laxia, their relationship is amicable and he obviously cares for her.
2 Lordly Resemblance While Adol protected a flustered Laxia, Franz smiled, noting how closely Adol resembled his master.
3 Paternal Love He is relieved by how far Laxia has come. His feelings are quite paternal in that regard.

Sir Carlan[edit]

An arrogant Romun noble. Focused solely on his own comfort, he is dismissive of the challenges the castaways face.

Village Notes
1 Audacious Arrogance He seems to be doubling down on his arrogance, and has absolutely no desire to cooperate with the other castaways.
2 Nameless's Victim Tried to escape the island after being targeted by a serial killer, only to love his life in the attempt.
3 Miraculous Return Believed to have been killed by the Oceanus, he miraculously survived and returned unharmed.


4th princess of the Romun Empire and Governor General of Celceta. Has a firm but gentle disposition.

Village Notes
1 Castaway Princess Despite being a princess, Griselda insists that she be treated like any other castaway.
2 Intellectual Pursuit Fascinated by the Eternian civilization, she joined Adol and Dana in studying the ancient monolith.
3 Homeland Standing She has made it clear that her plans for Romn run counter to those of key figures within the Romun Empire.


Little Paro[edit]

Captain Barbaros found this parrot living in Castaway Village. Has a very fickle personality.

Village Notes
1 Birds of a Feather Delighted to receive food from Adol. He has decided to become Adol's friend to repay him for his kindness.
2 Dream Paro said he sees Adol and the others in his dreams. He asked when he can see the rest of the dream.


A bird of few words who suddenly showed up in the village one day. Rarely moves and seems to enjoy eating fish.

Village Notes
1 Ricotta's Mentor She raised Ricotta, protecting her and teaching her valuable survival skills. Truly a dedicated mentor.

Master Kong[edit]

Ricotta's big, strong, and wise master. The skills he teaches are brimming with awesome power.

Village Notes
1 Favorite Food He absolutely loves ripe mangoes. Bring him one, and he will feel obliged to give you exclusive training.
2 Reliable Helper Learned about Castaway Village thanks to Shoebill. After training Adol, he offers to help defend the village.


Captain Barbaros[edit]

The captain of the Lombardia. Sports a prominent red beard. Exudes leadership with quiet honor and dignity.

Village Notes
1 A Captain's Duty Burdened by the loss of the Lombardia, he feels more determined than ever to fulfill his duties as captain.
2 Younger Days Worked as a shipwright in his younger days. His daughter is always asking him to build stuff for her.
3 Final Wish Succumbing to the injuries inflicted by Kiergaard, he entrusted Adol with his final wish for everyone's survival...


A calm, polite doctor with years of experience. No matter the situation, he always maintains his composure.

Village Notes
1 The Good Doctor Having opened an apothecary, the good doctor brews medicines and provides medical treatment to the whole village.
2 Nameless Ripper The true identity of the Nameless Ripper. In the end, he was killed and devoured by a Primordial.