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Material Researcher
Material Researcher
Achieved 100% Material Entries Logged.

There are a total of 81 materials and ingredients that need to be collected to earn the Material Researcher achievement/trophy.

Common Materials[edit]

Name Rank Description
Light Bone 1 A light, skinny beast bone. Simple to process.
Sturdy Bone 2 A flexible, solid, and durable beast bone.
Beast Bone 3 A vicious and aggressive beast bone.
Ancient Bone 4 A dense, durable bone from a bygone era.
Thin Hide 1 Flexible thin beast hide. Quite durable.
Thick Hide 2 Hide so thick that most implements cannot pierce it.
Beast Hide 3 Tough hide that is as durable as a rock-hard carapace.
Ancient Hide 4 Rough yet supple Primordial hide.
Murky Mucus 1 This mucus is rife with bacteria. Sterilize it with a fire before use.
Sterile Mucus 2 Clean and clear mucus with very few contaminants.
Sparkling Mucus 3 Mysterious mucus that sparkles in the light.
Ancient Mucus 4 Pure mucus that has never been processed by humans.
Flexible Branch 1 A pliable twig that can be found most places on the Isle of Seiren.
Sturdy Lumber 2 Quality lumber that remains glossy even after it's chopped.
Warm Lumber 3 Not literally warm, but from a tree warm with life.
Ancient Lumber 4 Durable, ancient lumber from a tree thought to be extinct.
Small Leaf 1 Clenching this fresh leaf produces a drop of water.
Beautiful Flower 2 A colorful flower with medicinal properties.
Sparkling Leaf 3 A beautiful leaf that shimmers in sunlight.
Ancient Flower 4 A blooming flower from ancient times. Considered to be a living fossil.
Strange Mass 1 A unique mineral with both viscosity and hardness.
Iron Ore 2 Quality iron that can be forged into pure steel.
Tectite Ore 3 Harder than metal and found underground.
Essence Stone 4 Ore made from Essence. Requires skill to process.

Rare Materials[edit]

Name Rank Description
Beast Claw 1 A ferocious beast's claw that slices through flesh.
Remex 1 This type of feather is crucial for flight.
Strong Shell 1 Crustacean carapace. Its hardness is unlike any found in minerals.
Soft Fiber 1 These natural beast fibers are both strong and durable.
Gwaranga Pincer 1 These strong pincers can cut through metal.
Bullfrodon Mucus 1 Sweet mucus from a frog that invites heartburn.
Digitalis Leaf 1 A leaf from a rare digitalis plant species.
Sword Tip Fang 2 A carnivorous beast's fang as sharp as a sword.
Razor Feather 2 A ferocious avian plume able to slice through metal.
Accursed Shell 2 A shell with a distorted imprint. Harder than steel.
Lustrous Scale 2 A beautiful scale that shines with seven colors.
Salamandine Hide 2 A rough hide from an amphibious swamp beast.
Zaspion Tail 2 A venomous giant scorpion's tail. Handle with care.
Big Pearl 2 An enormous rare pearl. It can sometimes be found inside big fish.
Glow Rock 2 A rare rock that releases accumulated sunlight when inside dark areas.
Stalactite 2 A stone made from falling spring water in caves.
Lateka Resin 2 A resin from the Lateka tree found in small amounts.
Thunder Claw 3 A claw so sharp, it rends flesh faster than lightning.
Blue Feather 3 A breathtaking blue feather that matches the sky.
Diamond Shell 3 The shell of a beast that is as hard as diamond.
Hard Fiber 3 A fiber tougher than steel cable to pull apart.
Vivine Bitters 3 A strong liquid secreted by a man-eating plant.
Essence Panzer 3 A mechanical gauntlet coated in Essence.
Saurian Scale 3 The scales of an ancient Saurian have immeasurable archeological value.
Moonlight Grass 3 A glowing plant that can only be seen at light.
Rim Flower 3 A flower with a healing scent. Grows only outdoors.
Sunlight Fang 4 A Primordial fang that glows like sunlight.
Lunar Wings 4 Blends in with moonlight, making it hard to see.
Starry Shell 4 Emits a dull light similar to a dim star's.
Acidic Liquid 4 A powerful numbing agent. Used in medicinal remedies.
Dornicle Shell 4 A giant turtle shell impervious to wind and rain.
Dandale Horn 4 A broken horn. Every scratch denotes a battle.
Saurian Fang 4 The fangs of Saurians are strong enough to bite through rock.
Prismatic Jewel 4 A multicolored jewel. Its mysterious beauty captivates all who see it.
Dragon Crest Stone 4 An ancient stone with a dragon carving.
Great Tree Lumber 4 High-quality lumber produced by the Great Tree near the island's interior.
Underworld Bone 5 A mysterious bone from another dimension.
Underworld Hide 5 Hide with a unique texture from another world.
Saurian Carapace 5 Nothing is harder or more durable than the natural armor of a Saurian.
Rivera's Undying Flower 5 A mysterious flower that never wilts, no matter the season.
Pure Orichalcum 5 Weapons made from this dazzling ore are capable of slaying Primordials.
Aura Grass 5 A mystical plant spoken of in fairy tales. Used in medicinal remedies.


Name Heal Description
Rock Salt 2 HP A salt crystal found in rocky seaside areas.
Honey 8 HP High-quality honey produced by bees from the flowers on the island.
Seiren Wheat 2 HP Shiny wheat that grows on the Isle of Seiren.
Pheasant Egg 5 HP A fresh egg harvested from a nest in a tree.
White Mushroom 5 HP Very fragrant and can be used in several dishes.
Mual Clam 5 HP Inhabits the nearby sea. Used to make savory broth.
Red Meat 10 HP A gamey red meat that becomes tender when fried.
White Meat 10 HP The high-quality fat is actually quite nutritious.
Primitive Meat 20 HP Possesses a sweetness that makes mouths water.
Sweet Pepper 5 HP A fresh, sweet bell pepper that can be eaten raw.
Eggplant 8 HP A compact eggplant with a distinct meat-like texture.
Cabbage 10 HP Leafy cabbage is a healthy addition to any meal.
Corn 15 HP Each kernel in this delicious ear of corn shines like a gem.
Tomato 20 HP The sweetness of this tomato rivals that of most fruits.
Pumpkin 50 HP The greatness of this pumpkin fills those who eat it with happiness.