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Ridley's Birthday Party[edit]

When you are ready to progress the game, enter your house during the daytime. You will get a visit from Leonard, who will give you an invitation to Ridley's birthday party.

You will have a little bit of time before you will automatically go to the castle. Hopefully, you have already done everything you could have before this event.

Recruitment: Ridley's Birthday Party[edit]

After the party, you will be able to recruit two characters from the Void Community. For details, see Recruitment: Ridley's Birthday Party.

You will also have some new missions available, once you get another cut scene with Genius and Ridley and Zane. (Remember to keep away from your house during the day.)

  • Find a Stone for the Olacion Order
If you haven't already recruited Garcia, Wal, and Bran, now is a good time to do it.
If you took my advice and have been visiting this cave often to level up, things should go pretty easy for you. Even if you are blinded by the monster, you will still be able to continue hitting it.
This mission will kick off some cut scenes once Jack returns the stone to Kain.
  • Secret Mission
You will have to fight several robbers on your own. They look like the ones near Earth Valley.
  • Go to Dwarf Valley with Donovitch
This isn't a normal mission. Once you are done with the above missions, go to sleep at Jack's house to initiate this event.
Most of this is cut scenes, so sit back and watch. When it is over, check with Thanos for a new mission.
  • Help Train Olacion Monks
If you aren't sure you can beat Achilles, then you should save before you try this mission. (That means you should wait until dark before you can save.)
This mission will allow you to recruit Vitas, Miranda, and Achilles. It also opens the possibility of recruiting Rocky.
If you haven't talked to any of the characters before in this game, Achilles will give a short bio of them, otherwise, they will just say hello to each other.

After the training mission, you can start to recruit more people. For details, see Recruitment: Monks Trained. Avoid entering Jack's house before you are done recruiting people. This will prevent the game from progressing.

When you are ready to progress the game, enter Jack's house.

Jack's Choice - Human or Non-Human Path[edit]

If you enter Jack's house during the day, the game will progress. This will be the set-up for a major decision: which path will you take in the game. You will get an invitation to go to the castle that evening. You have until around 7pm before things kick in automatically. You will be back in your room, deciding to leave for the castle. Before you leave, Ridley will show up and tell you she is going to the City of Flowers.

This is where you decide whether you will take the Human Path (Go to the Castle), or the Non-Human Path (Follow Ridley). It is recommended to take the Human Path the first time through the game, and then the Non-Human path the second time.

If you are thinking of saving the game someplace else, and then reloading it to take the other path, don't. The only way you get credit for recruiting all characters will be to start a new game using an already completed game. For the second game, you will start out with all your money, all your skills, and some of your items. This will make it much easier to get through it the second time around.