The Island of Dr. Brain/Beach

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After landing on the beach of Dr. Brain's island, you find yourself standing in front of a carved frame in the side of the mountain between two stone tiki statues next to blocks of stone in the sand. Clicking on any of the blocks of stone will bring up the first puzzle of the game.

Polyomino Puzzle[edit | edit source]

The Polyomino block puzzle consists of a rectangular frame and several geometric pieces. The object of this puzzle is to fit every piece into the frame. Pieces can be rotated by clicking on them, then on the looped arrow at the bottom. Clicking on the geometric pieces on the border will stick them to your mouse pointer. Pieces can also be removed from the board by clicking on them, then on the border.

Although this puzzle is a lot of trial and error, there are some guidelines that will lead to the correct solution or solutions quicker.

The first of these is to keep the borders of placed pieces as straight as possible. In other words, try to keep from having one or two pieces sticking out. This means that S-shaped pieces will very frequently be placed next to other S-shaped pieces or next to L-shaped pieces. It also helps to play first the pieces that will create edges that stick out, namely S-shaped pieces and T-shaped pieces. It is easier to create a final hole in the shape of a square or line piece than it is to leave a final hole in the shape of a T or S-shaped piece.

You will also find it easier if you place the larger pieces first, especially on the first level. For instance, if you leave a 3-block piece for last, you have a 50% chance of the final piece being the correct shape because there are only two configurations for a 3-block piece.

Check below for some example solutions for selected Expert puzzles:

Configurations above are not necessarily the only solution to the puzzles. There are only a certain number of block combinations possible for any given puzzle, so eventually trial and error alone should get you to one of the solutions.

As the last piece is put into place, you take a step back from the frame as it rumbles and lowers into the sand, opening the way into the mountain. Click on the new opening to enter the cave.