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The PC version is compatible with Xbox controllers and can display their button prompts.

PlayStation Vita PlayStation 4 Switch Xbox Windows Action
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Neutral lstick  W 
 A  S  D 
Right touchpad Press lstick L button  G  Toggle mini-map size
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Mouse, Mouse wheel Move camera, change target
R3 button Press rstick R button  X  Reset camera
Up dpad Up dpad Up dpad  F1  Fishing
Down dpad Down dpad Down dpad  Tab  Fullscreen map
Left dpad Left dpad Left dpad  M  Map
Right dpad Right dpad Right dpad  B  Adol's Journal
Cross button A button A button Mouse left click Attack, talk, examine
Circle button B button B button  Space  Jump
Triangle button X button Y button Mouse middle click Target lock/unlock
Square button Y button X button  Q  or  R  Switch
L1 button L button LB button Mouse right click Evade
Hold L1 button Hold L button Hold LB button  LShift  Dash
R1 button R button RB button  E  Access skills, flash guard
L1 button + R1 button L button + R button LB button + RB button  5  EXTRA Skill
L2 button ZL button LT button  U  Adventuring Gear
R2 button ZR button RT button  I  Item screen
Options button Plus button Start button  F  Camp menu
Left touchpad Minus button Back button  Z  Change ally tactics