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8 Eyes map Arabia entrance.png

The worst part is over now. This castle is still difficult, as some powerful enemies take the place of the mazes you just got past. Orin tends to take a beating in this castle, especially with the armies of skeleton guards that will come through the doors. Worse yet, you don't get too many power-ups, so take care!

There is a valuable S Jar atop the second pillar from the left, but it is so high up that only a second player controlling Cutrus could possible obtain it.

8 Eyes map Arabia.png
Room 1
There are two guards on the upper level, along with a cloaked guy. One of the guards shoots some arrows that can be dodged, but not blocked. The other guard doesn't attack you, but can only be killed by Cutrus. The cloaked guy has a Dagger. Use the bird to attack the left edge of the upper ledge to get a Blue Jar.
Room 2
This is almost a mirror image of the first room. The exact same enemies are in here, only they're on different levels. The cloaked one has the Ice Ball here, so don't miss it! This time, using Cutrus on the RIGHT edge of the upper level will net you a Blue Jar.
Room 3
Jump-attack the first wall you come to for another Blue Jar. Wait for the skeleton to go left before climbing down the stairs. That way, you can just run away from him and attack the bone pile that's shooting fire at you. If you kill the skeleton first, another one will come through the door to take his place.
Room 4
Attack the right side of the ledge above you with Cutrus to get the final Clue Scroll (if you're playing alone, the best place to release him is four blocks from the left side of the level you're on, facing right). Wait for a clear jump before heading left. If you get hit by a bat, you'll probably fall back down into Room 3. Duck to avoid the fireballs from the bone pile, but hurry to his ledge before it can reach the edge of it. Otherwise, you won't be able to hit him until he backs off (not good).
Room 5
You'll probably need some energy right about now. Help is on the way, if you made it this far. There's an "S" Jar in the middle wall on the lower part. Ride the moving platform, then fall onto the blocks below to reach the wall from the right side. Watch out for skeletons behind the wall...they can hit you from there! If one comes, jump back a few blocks and he'll back off. You can attack any enemies coming from above by using jump-attacks from one of the blocks. Remember to conserve energy!
Room 6
The first wall you come to has another Blue Jar, if you want it. Release Cutrus BEFORE climbing down the stairs. You'll need him up there to hit the door switch.
The boss of Arabia is another big guard with a sword and some throwing knives. Get out your Ice Ball and take care of him. There's a "C" Jar in the wall on the right (jump-attack to get it), but this will only restore a little energy, so be careful collecting it and make sure you don't lose more energy obtaining it than it can restore.