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8 Eyes map Italy entrance.png

If you've made it through both Spain and Egypt, your skills should be good enough to tackle the rest of this game. The gameplay of 8 Eyes tends to repeat itself, so no one level is really more difficult to survive than another.

On the outside, jump and strike the flame of the torch on the right to get an "S" Bowl. I assume you know how to open doors by now, because there are a lot of switches in this level.

8 Eyes map Italy.png
Room 1
The little hooded guy has a Boomerang. Before you go through the door, go past it to the wall on the right and jump-attack it for a Blue Jar.
Room 2
Use jumping attacks on the far right wall to find the Clue Scroll for this level. The cloaked one will give you a Dagger.
Room 3
Get the Ice Ball from the first guard, then attack the left wall for at the same height as the switch for a Blue Jar. Get to the other side and take care of the other guards before worrying about the switch (use Cutrus).
Room 4
Careful when fencing with the guy with the pitchfork, he has a longer attack range that it looks. Cutrus is the only one who can kill the guys with the whips. After climbing down the steps, have Cutrus attack the blocks below the stairs for a Blue Jar.
Room 5
When you first enter this room, send Cutrus out to the left and have him attack the leftmost block on the level you're standing on. There's another Blue Jar there (you probably don't need it, since your energy meters should already be ten-blocks long). Near the door switch, you'll face your first pile of bones. These things shoot out some powerful fireballs. However, you can block the shots with your sword and then kill it with only one hit.
Room 6
Drop to the bottom and kill the panther using good timing during its jumps (it will leave a Gun behind). When you reach a 3-block floating ledge, attack the left side of it for a very important "S" Jar. Release Cutrus before you climb the steps so he can hit the door switch when you're ready.
This boss is weird. He throws cards at you while his pet panther jumps around in your face. The panther is stronger than the others you have faced, but you don't have to fight it to win the battle. Still, it will get in the way if you don't. Once it's gone, attack the overhanging part of the wall on the right to reveal a "G" Jar. Don't take it until the boss enters the screen from the left. When he does, use your invincibility to do as much damage as you can, then get out your Ice Ball and finish him off while he's frozen.