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Act Gameplay[edit]

When in an Act, The Master comes down to earth and inhabits the statue of a warrior, animating the stone and bringing to life a mighty crusader. Some people refer to this warrior as the avatar.

Simulation Gameplay[edit]

After beating a region of the world's first Act, you'll get to help the citizens of the area to grow. Since The Master has no worldly form, the Angel gladly takes its place to serve as a tool.


As the Angel, you fight aerial beasts by shooting them with arrows. When a beast is destroyed, their spirit is sent to the temple at the center of town and you gain SP.

Civilization Development[edit]

As you solve problems for the people, clear out objects barring the way and direct them in building, the people will slowly grow in population.


  • L Button, R Button and Select Button are unused.
  • Start Button Pause the game.
Control Menu Navigation Sidescrolling Helper Palace in the Sky
Neutral Dpad Select Move (Down Dpad Duck) Move Move
B Button Accept Jump Access menu. Back to menu.
Y Button Cancel, backup a menu. Attack Fire an arrow. Zoom Out.
A Button Magic (and X Button) Zoom In.


Magic are special abilities that are only usable when in an Act. They are gained from the various citizens of the world. Magic takes one scroll to use and makes the Master invincible while casting. Magic is only recharged by collecting the appropriate item, or by finishing an act (either successfully or through failure).

Name Effect
ActRaiser magicalfire.png Magical Fire Sends several fireballs horizontally in both directions. Enemies caught within can sustain multiple hits.
ActRaiser magicalaura.png Magical Aura Creates a shield made of four orbs, which instantly kills any enemy that touches one.
ActRaiser magicalstardust.png Magical Stardust Rains down stars from the top right. Great against bosses who are in the top right of the viewing window since it will strike them many times.
ActRaiser magicallight.png Magical Light Sends a wall of light in either direction around the Master.

If you have unlocked and are playing on professional mode, magic is not available. Any scrolls you find in a map are replaced by the crush item, which kill all enemies on the screen.


Miracles are abilities used by the Master and targeted with by the Angel. Each miracle costs SP to use.

Name SP Target Effect
ActRaiser lightning.png Lightning 10 Bushes, palm trees, and enemies. Lightning strikes the targeted square, burning the ground.
ActRaiser rain.png Rain 20 Sand and crops. A cloud forms over the targeted square and pours down water.
ActRaiser sun.png Sun 30 Marshes and snow. The sun is focused towards the targeted square, drying up the land.
ActRaiser wind.png Wind 80 Entire map, including enemies. The wind is forced to blow at high speeds. All enemies on screen are blown off; no SP is gained.
ActRaiser earthquake.png Earthquake 160 Entire map: low level houses and crops. The earthquake ability only has two uses in the game. The first being that whenever it is used, for whatever purpose, all low level buildings and crops will be destroyed. In doing so, you'll allow the city to rebuild with modern buildings, thus increasing the population above what it was once able to reach. The second is to move the game forward; by using the ability in Marahna, you'll raise part of the continent so the citizens can reach a monster lair.