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Spending time with the animals in your town can be great, but it can get lonely, so you'll need some friends to play with. Either with their own memory card or playing on yours it makes for a lot of fun! One town can have up to four players.

The first player to start a new town on a memory card has first dibs on one of the four houses that are vacant. Then, using the same memory card up to three others players can move into the other houses in the same town. Although only one player can run around town at once. So you'll need to share the play time, but you'll quickly notice a steady flow of fun, unpredictable changes from others' game play.

Surprises in store for a multiplayer village[edit]

With multiple people playing in the same town a lot of things can happen, you can all work together to make the place better or you can compete to see who can donate the most to the museum. You can even see who can catch the most expensive Fish or Insect. And when you send a letter to an animal in your town they may show it to someone else in your town, so don't go writing anything private in them!

Your front-door gyroid

When you're not there your personal gyroid assistant which is installed next to your house door stands in for you when your not playing. You can program it to say a personalized greeting to other players who come knocking. You can also store items in the gyroid that others can take for free, purchasing them for a price that you determine, or you can just show them off.

Feng shui fortune

A fun way to interact with the other players is to enter their houses and see what they are collecting, find a piece of rare furniture they need then sell it to them for an outrageous price. You might just make a fortune!