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This version of Java Sea is far easier than in Midway. Rather than fight multiple enemies at once in stages, this fight has you fight a bunch of destroyers, then a bunch of cruisers. Not only that, but you also get additional firepower; your ship is now a Mogami-class cruiser instead of a Tone-class.

Unit Unlock
Obtain a silver medal in this mission to unlock the Tone-class heavy cruiser.

Primary Objectives

  • Sink all enemy destroyers.
  • Assist the Japanese fleet and sink all enemy warships.

Secondary Objectives

  • Sink the unidentified Cleveland-class light cruiser.

Hidden Objectives

  • All transports remained unharmed.

Forward Unto Battle[edit | edit source]

Quickly sink Electra and keep the transports safe.

Your ship starts out in the northern section of the map, with multiple enemy warships to the south. The transports you must protect are off your stern. The observant, however, will notice the HMS Electra closing in from the western side of the map. Use the tactical map to locate her and close in to engage her. Electra is a Clemson-class destroyer, unlike the Fletchers you fought in Midway; not only this, but your ship has been upgraded to a Mogami-class cruiser instead of a Tone-class.

Sink all the Clemsons and advance on the CAs.

A few seconds into the map, your engine will splutter and fail. Quickly open the repair screen and get the engine fixed. Work quickly, but it ultimately proves to be more of an annoyance than an actual problem. Be aware that this engine malfunction is scripted, and as such it is possible to act too quickly to order a repair. Order the repair as soon as the overhead message appears - doing it sooner will not get your engines fixed quicker.

Once your engines are done, race to intercept Electra before it causes any damage to your transports. This will earn you your gold medal. Note that there isn't any indication that you've failed or achieved the gold medal, since the ABDA destroyers that are your designated targets will engage the transports if you let them.

Fortunately for you, the ABDA destroyers you'll encounter are all of the Clemson-class, so you'll have very few problems disintegrating them. Lock onto them and send them to the bottom with your powerful cannons. You can use your torpedoes against these guys, or you could save them for the last wave. Your targets for now are the Witte de With, Kortenaer, and the HMS Jupiter - all Clemson-class destroyers. Don't forget, however, to deal with the Electra first - she is closest to the transport ships you must protect.

The Houston isn't that big of a threat. Take it down.

Approach the unknown ship in the middle of the map to locate your secondary objective. This disabled Cleveland-class cruiser can be torpedoed for an easy secondary objective. All it will take are at most one or two torpedoes to sink her and complete all secondary objectives. If you've sunk Electra earlier and prevented all attacks against the transports so far, you're in a very good position to get the gold medal.

The final wave - De Ruyter, Java, and the HMAS Perth.

The second wave has you move to assist the Japanese fleet, which should already have dealt with most enemies for you. Destroy all the Clemson-class destroyers, led by the two cruisers USS Houston and the HMS Exeter. The Exeter will be bombed by the G3M Nells you flew in the last mission, but invariably most of them will miss their target. It ultimately doesn't matter; neither ship is in a position to stop you, so sail in and blast them apart. Occasionally the Nells will target Houston instead of Exeter; there's no way of being able to choose their targets, so completely disregard the bombers and let them act on their own accord.

Once Exeter and Houston are done, a third and final wave closes in, consisting of De Ruyter, Java, and the HMAS Perth. The former two are De Ruyter-class light cruisers, and the Perth is a York-class. With De Ruyter in the lead, it's easy enough to sink her first. Ultimately, nothing else matters - gun them down as you would any other ship to finish the mission.