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"Wild Places"

The mission briefing happened last chapter, so go back a page if you need to be refreshed. Start by running up the path, watch the cutscene where a man driving a truck carrying supplies talks to the guard to open the gate. He pays his toll and is told that the bridge is down and that worse things than just criminals are on the loose.

When you gain control, you'll see some info about your new ability, berserk. It's a new combat technique...

Jump down from the cliff, head to the guard and kill him in whatever way you wish. Take his blade and head towards the ramp. Open the golden coffer, then run up the hill. Kill the two men by the fire, then go down the tight path in the darkness. Use mist to stealth kill the two cutpurses, then cross the bridge and save at the checkpoint.


Continue forward, use berserk on the woman if you can (one hit kill). You'll notice there's no way to open the gate, so turn around (from the gate) and you'll see the open path to the right that goes behind the rock. Jump over to the rocks, then hop up each one to the top (this isn't a pit, so don't worry about falling). Follow the hidden path until it ends at a cliff high above a cutpurse encampment. Leap down, then take out the two standing in front of the fire one at a time. These girls are ranged, so when you move closer than where the steps leading to the nearby building are they will throw knives at you. Run wide to the left, and when the girl pulls her sword retreat back to where you came from. Face her by herself, then rush the second girl and attack as she's pulling her sword out.

After you've cleared the area, walk up to the building and then charm the man through the window since the door is locked and there is no other entrance. Run him up the stairs and flip switch. Cut your charm, then run around to the right and up the stairs. Push the box under the gate then run back down and charm the man again.

Run the guy back up and hit the switch once more. Leave the guy be then run Kain over to the elevator conveyor belt machine to the left of the building and hop on. If you fall in the pit, climb the ladder, DO NOT CLIMB UP THE WOODEN WALL or you'll fall into the water on the other side. Take the elevator up and hop off when you can reach the catwalk safely. Run under the open gate and hit the checkpoint, then save.


Jump across the water to the right, then use jump to cross the large gap of water to the white rock near the exit. Hop across the small gap to the brown rocks. If you died, turn around and head through the gate; kill the cutpurse and steal her weapon. Try not to fall, but use jump to leap to the gold coffer on the left (straight from the gate).

Hop down into the building, then take the stairs to the ground floor. Kill the Sarafan rogue and the man who stand between you and the golden coffer.

Run back to the top, through the door, then kill the Sarafan knight. Pull the right two levers and take advantage of the two prisoners before heading through the door. Jump down and kill the man, run down the stairs to the bottom and hit the checkpoint before saving.


Pull the lever on the right, open the two doors and then head out through them and kill the Sarafan knight (if he's there). Go through the giant gate (or into the room in between) and towards the closed gate. The gate will open revealing a Sarafan knight and a man who will trigger the alarm. Two Sarafan rogues will come and start shooting at you. Rush them and take them on at the same time, then heal yourself with both of them and the man. Head to the right and use the mist to stealth kill the Sarafan knight.

Head up the stairs to your left (close to where he was standing). Before opening the doors or going in the building, follow the little path and flip the switch so you open the gate instead of triggering the alarm (which does nothing). Head up the building to the top and pull the lever next to the glyph box. Jump to the bottom, then go through the gate once its opened and save at the checkpoint.


Head forward to face your first axe women. Take the two out, then the man, then run down the path. You'll come to a large bridge, with an axe woman on the other side. A cutscene will show the wagon taking off, then the woman noticing Kain and hacking the bridge's suspension down with her axe. With it down, leap across the gap, then kill her. Replace your weapon with hers then run down the path; you'll see the wagon head around the corner before shaking starts. The cave is unstable and rocks will begin falling everywhere. Luckily they fall in the same designated spots so you can wait for them to fall before moving between or past. When you get around the corner just use jump to leap to the exit. At the end a cutscene will take over where Kain runs out and leaps to safety before massive boulders collapse to close the exit to the cave.

Head forward to the checkpoint and save.


Kill the two men around the fire, to the right of the path. Circle around and kill the guy standing in the corner (or elsewhere) and then open the silver coffer.

Head down the path and as you reach the first big boulder on the right you'll trigger a small event where the caravan guards (axe women) will take on some male brigands. Kill the one that takes you on, but make note of the other enemies. Go after the survivors, and make sure to drink all the corpses.

When you're finished, climb up on top of the truck via one of the ladders, then leap to the golden coffer. Hop up the two steps and walk around the corner before leaping the gap. Use mist to walk up and slay the first axe woman from behind. Back into the mist and then take out the second one as she gets closer.

Head down the path and into the mountain underneath the little wooden covered area. Run down the path and then at the bottom jump to the bottom of the hole. Save at the checkpoint.