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For more details on Dark Gift techniques, see Blood Omen 2/Dark Gifts.

Blood Omen 2 has a range of available maneuvers, however not all of them are apparent.


Attacks can only be stringed together for a maximum of three consecutive attacks. After that, Kain will take a small break, allowing enemies to attack (and Kain to defend). Simply press the attack button, while in combat mode, three times.


You can set your blocking ability to assisted or skilled; know that this is really where the difficulty of the game comes from. With assisted, simply hold the block button to block all blockable attacks that come at you. With skilled, you must time your blocks to pre-emptively guard yourself as you see an enemy try to strike you.

Blocking will take some time to understand, but think of it as Kain needs to lift his arms up before the enemy throws a punch so that he can have them right there to get in their way. If you see an enemy wind up, do a spin kick, pull their weapon back, etc., then press the button so you don't take a beating.

Remember that enemies like Sarafan guards have special techniques that pierce your guard (and your flesh).


Press and hold jump in the air to hover. Hovering grants excellent control of movement in the air, but isn't very useful for long jumps. If you need to know where you're falling, hovering is good. You can also use this technique to sneak up behind enemies and attack them while their guard is down.


When you grab someone, you are given three choices of what to do. You can either:

  1. damage them over and over by pressing attack,
  2. you can try a massively damaging attack by pressing forward (usually up) and the attack button, or
  3. you can throw them forward a fair distance. Throwing deals little damage, while the massively damaging attack will kill citizens in a single strike.

Sucking Blood[edit]

Since Kain is able to drain the liquids out of people from a distance, you can actually drain them across things like ward gates.