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Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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Kain will begin with two of his powerful skills already available. The others must be collected from the souls of other vampires.

Note that all Dark Gift modes can be canceled by pressing jump.


  • Vampire: Kain

Fury is the most simple of all the Dark Gifts. Simply use the ability to unleash a powerful single strike that will send your enemy flying. This technique is equal to a three hit combo, but deals more damage than normal to bosses.


  • Vampire: Faustus

Jump is a useful technique for spanning gaps, large distances and preying upon unsuspecting targets from afar. Jump is easily dodged by Sarafan guards, so don't try attacking them that way.

Press the dark gift ability button to assume the jump position. A cursor will appear in front of Kain, with an onion skin animation of Kain jumping to that position. If the cursor is white, you cannot jump. If it's purple, Kain can leap to that spot to stand there. If you put the cursor on a person, it will turn red and when leaping Kain will smash the person with his fist. This technique kills citizens in a single blow. When you want to jump, press the dark gift ability button once more. Remember, you can always back out by pressing jump.


  • Vampire: Kain

Mist is one of Kain's most useful, and powerful, tools. When mist lines the ground, Kain can camoflauge himself in it. Enemies will not be able to see him, but if you attack or get too close they will notice him.

Additionally, mist allows Kain to stealth kill. If you sneak up behind an unsuspecting enemy standing in the mist, then go into combat mode, a skull will appear just above the enemy's head. Press attack to perform a deadly technique that will kill the enemy in a single, unblockable blow. Depending on the weapon equipped the technique that Kain uses to kill will vary.