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Throughout the game Kain will come across enemies wielding various weapons that, after being pried from their dead hands, can be utilized against more foes.

In order of appearance.


Dropped by thugs, clubs are spiked bludgeoning weapons with a medium rate of attack. More powerful than Kain's claws, the club can deal some useful damage.

Grab attacks
  • Attack: Using an underhand technique, Kain bashes the groin of the person.
  • Massive Attack:

Short Sword[edit]

Carried by rogues, short swords are meant for stabbing prey. The attack rate is similar to the club.

Grab attacks
  • Attack: Stabs the person.
  • Massive Attack: Shoves the sword through the person's heart before dropping them.

Long Sword[edit]

Long swords are wielded by Sarafan guards. These powerful weapons will help take down any enemy, including bosses. The range of the long sword is of course higher than other weapons, and it has a faster rate of attack than Kain's claws.

Grab attacks
  • Attack: Pounds the person in the face with the hilt of the sword.
  • Massive Attack: Stabs the person through the stomach and lifts them into the air before dropping them on the ground.

Sarafan Mace[edit]

Rune Sword[edit]

Dropped by the Sarafan Knight Captain, the rune sword is slightly larger than the longsword width wise and it has some green markings on the blade.

Arced Blade[edit]

A large two handed weapon that is a mix between a staff and a large halberd. Rather than a long range weapon, the blade's massive size makes it a slow, but powerful close range two handed tool for destruction.


Used by mercenaries, the scimitar is a weapon similar to the longsword.

Double Bladed Staff[edit]

A large, but portable weapon that when unused looks like a large wrench. When used in combat, a large blade extends from each end to produce a staff like weapon for long ranged combat. Spin techniques are often utilized with this weapon.

Steal kills
  • Close: Throat stab, Kain stabs the blade through his enemy's neck from behind.
  • Far: Turn around backstab, Kain does a 180 before stabbing his victim with the blade.



Very similar to the scimitar, the cutlass is thinner and more straight, with a thick metal band to help protect the hand. Enemies that use this weapon use the same animations as the scimitar wielding mercenaries.