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"In darkness we gather"

This chapter starts with a long cutscene involving a conversation between Kain and the girl vampire.

Town Square[edit]

From your starting spot there is a crowd of people up ahead with two Sarafan guards. Take out the guards one at a time by blocking their attacks, striking them, then using fury when possible. Devour the rest of the people, pick up a longsword and then enter the "Auberge Du Roitre" shop (the one with the big sign hanging out front) where you'll find a relic chest.

Head out straight and you'll see a ward gate barring your path. Turn around, follow the street back to the starting point and locate the stairs on the right. Climb them, grab the relic chest, then kill the two men to the left. Head back up this alley and up the long flight of stairs. At the top you'll be told to use jump so leap across to the other open area you can see.

Grab the checkpoint and save.


Hop down the terraces, switch to mist and step out into the mist and cloak. Kill the red thug on the left, then wait for the second to approach. If you kill him in normal combat, a third thug will be alarmed and you'll get to take him out more quickly. Heal up after battle and head into the alley between the buildings.

As you come out, run up the stairs to the left and kill the women. Jump down and fight the guard. Remember to dodge when he assumes a defensive stance and his sword glows red; otherwise he'll hit you with a very powerful unblockable attack.

Take him out, then run down the road the other way. Kill a citizen, then the guard (making sure not to hit him through the ward gate) then kill the other citizen or follow him into the tavern. Head into the tavern (yellow building with a brown roof and raven shields on it; in the corner) and walk up to the bartender for some information. Kill everyone inside (there should be four people). Head back to where you killed the two women, follow the bridge across the road to the blocked door. The doorman, Duncan, will now let you through (if you had talked to him before, he said only night watch may enter and then Kain would threaten him). Slaughter him for Kain's sake and continue on.

You'll face two white thugs at the same time. It's possible to strike these guys as they are winding up for their attacks, so its possible to have them never attack you.

Continue along the path until you reach the large room. To the right is the ward gate with the tavern just behind it. Take the catwalk, then follow it when the bridge to the center splits off. Jump onto the big platform in the middle of this area and use the relic chest. Leap from there to the other platform on the wall to the right and flip the switch that powers the exit lever. Hop down and take out each of the three Sarafan guards one by one. Use fury when possible and stab them while they are on the ground. Kill the man and the woman, then open the gate with the lever and open.

A glyph Serafan is there and Kain hisses at him before the guy disappears as they have been doing each time.

Power puzzle[edit]

Well, it's simple. First run into the center of the room and into the side room to the right. Grab the relic chest, then return to the entrance. The big, egg like metal object on the wall can be moved, so pull it out and bring it into the main room. The other egg machine along the wall isn't powered, so pull it off and put the green one (the glyph one) in its place. Run into the room with the glyph panels and the generator and pull the lever on the right wall. The lever by the door can be used to open the way forward, so use it!

Head through, reach the checkpoint and save.


Jump through the window, run up the stairs and you'll hear the doorman ask for the password. Run down the corridor, down the steps and take out the aggressive thug. Continue forward and take out the red thug. Climb the stairs, then rush the Serafan guard to the left.

Follow the road up and kill the two men. Head to the newsstand on the right, it's your next contact. He'll tell you about the guards on patrol and the password, "evernight," to get past the doorman. Head back along the left side, up the stairs and down the back alley. Use the lever to open the gate, take a left and head to the end where the doorman is.

Kill him, head up through the locked door then slash the prisoners and drain them. Climb the ladder, then use jump to clear the gap to where the checkpoint is. Use the relic chest, then save.


Leap the gap to the windmill, then switch to and use mist to take out the white thug. Surprise the red thug, drain them and then run forward and drop down the step. Leap across the large gap, run to the right and fall down. Pull the lever activating the glyph panel, then with the thugs on your tail jump and run over to the center crates. As the two surround you, lock onto one, then dash off the side and attack both at the same time. Kill them, you should level, then climb back up and leap across. Pull the lever and head into the warehouse.

Kill the red thug to the right, then head left through the office and kill the man. Continue through, then head down the stairs on the left. Kill the two men, cross the room, go up the stairs and kill the red thug. Pull the lever to drop the crate and smash the floor. Head back down and through the opening you just made.

When you land, head to the left and then turn left just before the green part of the room to find a relic chest. Continue to the checkpoint and save.