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There are a variety of enemies that move about in different patterns. Contact with an enemy (or the missiles fired by some) will kill a dragon. The dinos' job is to complete the level by killing all enemies in it. If this is not achieved within a time limit, the message "Hurry up!" will flash across the screen. When this happens, enemies become "angry" (making them red and move faster thus making them more dangerous). Approximately ten seconds later, one or two Skel enemies appear on screen. Enemies also become "angry" if they escape from a bubble that is not burst quickly enough by one of the dragons. They may but not always calm down when one of the dinos dies. When you collect the Chack'n Heart item, which causes the enemies to freeze, you can safely run into the enemies to kill them, and they will turn into a particular fruit item. When in Super Mode, most (but not all) enemies get swapped with a counterpart, e.g. PuruPurus replace Monstas and vice versa.

Normal enemies[edit]

Enemy Name(s) First
Description Chack'n Heart item Super-Mode
1 Chack'n Heart item: 500 points
A box-shaped, clockwork walking monster with a medium moving speed and good jumping abilities. It has no attack move, but can jump in order to climb platforms. Zen-Chan can only harm the player by coming into contact with them.
30 Chack'n Heart item: 1000 points
Banebou has no attack move, but bounces around the levels at high speeds on his spring. He kills the player on contact. It is the only monster who stays the same in Super Mode.
6 Chack'n Heart item: 2000 points
Mighta moves in a very similar pattern to Zen-Chan but can also roll rocks across the ground which kill the player on contact. These rocks crumble when they hit a wall or platform. Has a medium moving speed, good jumping abilities. This monster actually first appeared in Taito's 1983 game Chack'n Pop.
40 Chack'n Heart item: 3000 points
A fast walking monster with shooting abilities, but poor jumping. Hidegons moves around the level as per Zen-Chan, but is armed with fast-moving fireballs with which he attacks the player. Unlike Mighta, he doesn't stop walking when shooting fireballs.
Boa Boa
20 Chack'n Heart item: 4000 points
A pink flying monster looking like a toy bear with a small rotor on his head. Pulpul behaves very much like Monsta - floating around the level. The only difference between the two is their speed; Pulpuls move faster than Monstas.
10 Chack'n Heart item: 5000 points
A flying blue/dark purple monster shaped roughly like a small whale. They move diagonally until they hit a wall or platform, at which point they turn 90 degrees and continue. This monster also first appeared in Chack'n Pop.
60 Chack'n Heart item: 6000 points
Invader moves in the same way as the classic Space Invaders. He can only move left and right, and he falls down any gaps that he reaches. Not only does invader move very rapidly, but also fires lasers down as an attack. Invader is the only enemy that does not appear at all in Super Mode.
50 Chack'n Heart item: 7000 points
A fast moving monster with good jumping capabilities, Drunks move around the levels like a standard monster. However, they can also throw their empty liquor bottles. These bottles act like boomerangs - they fly through the air until they reach a wall, and then bounce back to the Drunk.

Special enemies[edit]

Skel Monsta
Baron von Blubba
Baron von Blubba
It is the invincible monster that appears after the time limit for a round has expired (this limit can be as low as 1 or 2 seconds on some rounds, but there are two rounds with no time limit: round 97 and round 100). It looks similar to a white Monsta, but can only move vertically or horizontally at timed intervals. It can pass through walls, ceilings and floors, and speeds up until either the level is completed or a player is killed. In two-player mode, two Skels appear, each homing in on a particular player, although either player can be killed by touching either of the Skels. A Skel can also be dismissed by touching a player who has just been killed and is still flickering, and thus invincible. Another way to get rid of Skel is to pick up the flashing heart powerup (the only one which remains on the screen after the "Hurry up!" warning.
Appears in the secret diamond-filled rounds, which can be accessed by special bonuses that appear on rounds 20, 30 and 40 under certain conditions (explained in later section). Losing one's last life inside such a secret room will cause the maximum round reached to be "Round 102", "Round 103" or "Round 104" depending upon in which secret room death occurred, and the first new game started after that will teleport players to the first secret round straight from round 1, but will also cause secret rounds to appear earlier, at stages 10, 20 and 30, and the special 20-stage skip bonus on stage 40 instead of stage 50.
Super Drunk
Grumple Gromit
This huge boss guards our heroes' girlfriends on level 100. He bounces diagonally around the final level, firing a wide arc of bottles at regular intervals. Unlike most other creatures he can only be injured by hitting him with lightning bolts, which Bub and Bob create by collecting the lightning vases on the upper platforms on this level. He takes many hits to kill, and flashes when taking damage.

Enemy defeat bonus[edit]

Without the aid of special items or special bubbles, the only way to beat an enemy is to capture it in a bubble, and pop the bubble. You will earn points for doing so, and the defeated enemy will turn into a food item that you can collect for bonus points. When you pop one bubble, it tends to pop other bubbles that touch it. In this manner, you may kill more than one enemy at a time if you manage to pop them while they are clustered together. You will earn even more points for killing multiple enemies, and each enemy will turn into an even more valuable item than the last. If you kill at least three enemies at once, you will generate one less EXTEND bubbles than the number of enemies you killed. Consult the following table to determine the value and items that will be produced.

Defeated Monsters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Popping value 1000 2000 4000 8000 16,000 32,000 64,000
Nth enemy item
Item value 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
EXTEND bubbles 0 0 2 3 4 5 6