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The Glorious Furukawa Bakers!
Gold Trophy unlocked.png
50 Gamerscore points
The Glorious Furukawa Bakers!
Achieve glorious victory in the baseball scenario!

The baseball route is a short bonus route featuring many of the game's characters. To successfully complete the route, use the following choices.

April 14[edit]

  • Just leave it there

April 15[edit]

  • Ignore her
  • Sit through class
  • Go down to the courtyard
  • Keep talking
  • Watch how things turn out
  • I'm interested in this
  • I feel concerned
  • Do nothing

April 16[edit]

  • Go with Sunohara
  • Don't skip
  • Run to buy a sandwich
  • Make her do it alone

April 17[edit]

  • Go and watch
  • Follow him
  • Follow him
  • Waste time inside school
  • Sleep
  • Try talking to her
  • Watch as she leaves

April 18[edit]

  • Accept
  • Kick him back
  • Let Sunohara do it
  • Let her go
  • An empty classroom
  • I'll watch her just a bit more
  • Return to the classroom after all
  • Help her

April 19[edit]

  • Have him stop it already
  • Go straight home

April 20[edit]

  • Follow him
  • See what happens for a bit longer.
  • Help

April 21[edit]

  • Be late
  • Jump right
  • Try shaking the person
  • Tear it up.
  • Keep waiting

April 22[edit]

  • React to finding me
  • Keep waiting
  • Leave it somewhere

April 23[edit]

  • There is nothing unnecessary, right?
  • Act like a manga that spends multiple volumes on one flashback
  • Sleep
  • Don't talk to her

April 24[edit]

  • Play

April 25[edit]

  • Warn her.
  • Stop him because you feel bad
  • Make Sunohara go buy things
  • The athletic grounds

April 26[edit]

  • I'm not interested

April 28[edit]

  • She'll work
  • Stop him
  • Put on an act