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DMMd character Clear.png
  • Alignment: None
  • Blood type: Unknown
  • Height: 180 cm (5' 11")
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Star sign: Unknown
  • Allmate: None

Clear (クリア) is a mysterious man who is most of the time seen wearing a gas mask and holding an umbrella. Aoba first encounters him when he seemingly falls from the sky in front of him, and Clear subsequently devotes himself to a confused Aoba. His origin and motivation are unknown, though he does show an always-polite and friendly attitude which the other men seem to lack. He also shows profound strength in fights despite his average figure.

DMMd screen Clear 1.png
DMMd screen Clear 2.png
DMMd screen Clear 3.png

Common Route[edit]

  • 振り払う (Shake her off)
  • なぜ傘を? (Why the umbrella?)
  • ガキか! (What is this guy twelve?!)
  • 屋根から何か音がした (I hear something on the roof)
  • ちゃんと話をする (I try to talk him down.)
  • ノイズに声をかける (Call out to Noiz)
  • 言いなりにはならない (Don't listen to him)
  • 声を掛ける (Call out to him)
  • 本当に聞こえた? (Did you really hear me?)
  • ノイズの隣に並ぶ (Go up to Noiz)
  • クリアの名前を呼ぶ (Call Clear's name)
  • 紅雀に近付く (Approach Koujaku)
  • 戸惑う (Hesitate to listen)
  • クリアを思い浮かべる (Think about Clear)


Bad End[edit]

  • しっかりと言い聞かせる (Firmly reprimand him)
  • 少し考えすぎだ (You're thinking too hard about it)
  • それでも手を掴む (Grab him anyway)
  • Choose any option

Good End[edit]

  • クリアの言い分も聞く (Listen to what Clear has to say)
  • 何か怖いのか? (Are you afraid of something?)
  • クリアの様子を見る (Examine Clear from afar)
  • Choose nothing (wait for the options to expire)