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DMMd character Koujaku.png
  • Alignment: Benishigure
  • Blood type: A
  • Height: 186 cm (6' 1")
  • Birthday: August 19
  • Star sign: Leo
  • Allmate: Beni the red avadavat

Koujaku (紅雀) is a heavily-tattooed childhood friend of Aoba, having met him when Aoba was being picked on for looking feminine due to his long hair. Koujaku quickly came to his defense, and the two have been friendly with each other ever since. Although Koujaku and his mother left shortly afterward, he has returned to Midorijima and continues to tease Aoba as if nothing happened. He now works as a part-time hairdresser, opening whenever he feels like it and using his popularity among women to keep his business a success. The story behind his departure remains a mystery.

DMMd screen Koujaku 1.png
DMMd screen Koujaku 2.png
DMMd screen Koujaku 3.png

Good End[edit]

Bad End
Misspell 「まけるな」 ("do not give in") for an alternate ending.
  • 躊躇する (Hesitate)
  • 手品師? (Are you a magician?)
  • 反撃する (Fight back)
  • 階段を上る音が聞こえた (I hear someone on the stairs)
  • 絶対嫌だ (No way)
  • 紅雀に声をかける (Call out to Koujaku)
  • 今は我慢するしかない (I have to bear with this)
  • 我慢する (Be patient)
  • 先を急ぐ (Hurry inside)
  • ノイズの様子を窺う (Peek at what Noiz is doing)
  • クリアを目で探す (Search for Clear)
  • 紅雀の敵を引きつける (Fight Koujaku's enemies)
  • ミンクに従う (Listen to Mink)
  • 紅雀を思い浮かべる (Think about Koujaku)
  • 紅雀に頼る (Rely on Koujaku)
  • 何か声をかける (Say something)
  • 紅雀の腕を強く掴む (Hold on to Koujaku's arm tightly)
  • 「まけるな」 ("Do not give in")
  • これでいいはずだ (This should be fine)