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Ren (蓮) is Aoba's Allmate, a dog in the real world and a human in the world of Rhyme. Ren's route is unlocked once all other routes have been cleared (excluding Virus & Trip) and acts as the game's "true" route. It reveals much about Aoba's most loyal companion and Aoba himself.

Common Route[edit | edit source]

  • 振り払う (Shake her off)
  • 蓮を庇う (Protect Ren)
  • おかしくはないけど (Not really)
  • 手品師? (Are you a magician?)
  • 反撃する (Fight back)
  • 階段を上る音が聞こえた (I hear someone on the stairs)
  • 絶対嫌だ (No way)
  • ノイズに声をかける (Call out to Noiz)
  • 言いなりにはならない (Don't listen to him)
  • 蓮を抱き上げる (Hold Ren)
  • 声を掛ける (Call out to him)
  • 本当に聞こえた? (Did you really hear me?)
  • カバンを開ける (Open bag)
  • ノイズの様子を窺う (Peek at what Noiz is doing)
  • クリアを目で探す (Search for Clear)
  • 紅雀に近付く (Approach Koujaku)
  • ミンクに従う (Listen to Mink)
  • 申し訳ない気持ちになる (I feel sorry)
  • 蓮を心配する気持ちが強い (Feel very relieved)
  • 蓮に答える (Answer Ren)

Endings[edit | edit source]

  • 腹が立つ (Get angry)
  • 力の衝動を抑える (Fight the urge to use the power)
  • それでも諦めない (Continue to resist)

For the good end, answer all questions correctly. For the bad end, answer incorrectly. Statements marked with × are answered "no" and statements marked with ○ are answered "yes".

  • 蓮は大型犬だ (Ren is a big dog)  ×
  • 蓮はクララちゃんが好き (Ren likes Clara-chan) ×
  • 蓮はオスではない (Ren is not a male) ×
  • 蓮の瞳は茶色だ (Ren's eyes are brown) ×
  • 蓮は毎日俺に噛みつく (Ren bites me everyday) ×
  • 蓮の舌はピンクだ (Ren's tongue is pink) ○
  • 蓮は旧型だ (Ren is an old model) ○
  • 家族のような存在だ (Ren is like family) ○
  • 蓮はクララが苦手だ (Ren worries about Clara) ○
  • 礼を言った時の口癖は「こちらこそ」 (Ren has a habit of saying "kocchi da"/"welcome here" to Aoba) ○
  • 蓮は自分のことを俺と呼ぶ (Ren calls himself "ore"/"I") ○
  • 蓮の毛並みはダークブルーだ (Ren's coat is dark blue) ○
  • 蓮の肉球はピンクだ (Ren's paws are pink) ○
  • 蒼葉がいないと困る (I worry about Aoba) ○
  • 俺には蒼葉が必要だ (I need Aoba) ○
  • 蒼葉のことが好きだ (I love Aoba) ○