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  • Age: 17
  • Height: 174 cm (5' 7")
  • Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O

Laito (ライト) is the youngest of the Sakamaki triplets, the third son of Cordelia and the fifth son of Karlheinz. He enjoys teasing Yui to the point of sexual harassment, though he himself is unaware of the abnormality behind his actions. As a child, Laito was sexually abused by his mother and has so developed the attitude of a pervert along with never truly understanding the concept of "love". Laito seems to be the most manipulative of the brothers, humiliating Yui and having his familiars watch her until she can no longer have a moment of privacy. Inversely, he also happens to be the most damaged.

Dark 1 イヤよ (No)
2 全然分からない (I don't know at all)
3 裸エプロン (Naked apron)
4 変態!! (Pervert!!)
5 エサ? (Bait?)
6 振り払う (Shake him off)
7 吸わせてあげる (Let me breathe) S
吸って…… (Suck it......)
8 断る (Refuse) S
仕方なく読む (Read reluctantly) M
9 黙って (Be quiet) S
その通り (Yes) M
10 お仕置きするよ? (Do you want me to punish you?) S
仕方がない (It can't be helped) M
Maniac 1 嫌だ! (I don't want to!)
2 気持ちいい (It feels good)
3 そんなわけない (That's not true)
4 引き返す (Come back)
5 分かった (I understand)
6 試してみたいこと? (You want to try?)
7 反抗する (Revolt) S
従順にしておく (Be obedient) M
8 ひっぱたく (Slap) S
頷く (Nod) M
9 教えない (Don't tell me) S
教えて下さい (Please tell me) M
10 このヘンタイ! (You pervert!) S
やめてください (Please stop) M
Ecstasy 1 不服じゃない (I wasn't complaining)
2 無理です (Impossible)
3 抵抗する (Resist)
4 別の所で寝る (I'll sleep somewhere else)
5 嬉しい (Happy)
6 諦める (Give up)
7 足を踏む (Step on his foot) S
お礼を言う (Thank him) M
8 私を刺しなさい! (Stab me!) S
助けて下さい! (Help me!) M
9 やめさせなさい! (Quit it!) S
……やめて! (......Stop it!) M
10 やめなさい! (Stop it!) S
許して…… (Forgive me......) M