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Combat between Goku and an enemy takes place throughout much of the game at various opportunities. Combat continues until either Goku or the enemy is defeated, or until one of the combatants successfully runs away. If Goku is victorious, he earns experience points for defeating an enemy. If Goku loses, the game is over and the player may continue from the most recent save.


The number of cards are selected
At the start of the battle, the player or the computer will select the number of cards to use in the next exchange. The number can be between one and five. After the first round, the player and the computer take turns selecting the number of cards.
Card selection
After the number of cards to play has been decided, you must select that many cards from your hand. After you have selected the correct number of cards, you must confirm the selection with A button before you can advance to the next step. You also have the opportunity to back out any or all of your selections with B button.
The cards are pitted against one another
For every card that you have selected, your enemy presents a card to you. The outcome of this is determined by three aspects of the cards. See the explanation below for more information. Once all the cards have been played, the steps repeat until one of the participants has been defeated or runs away.

Card details[edit]

The number of stars in the Dragon Ball at the top of the card (in green) determines the power of the card. The competitor with the higher number of stars gets to attack. If two cards with the same number of stars appear, the attacks cancel each other out. There is one single exception to the power rule; Goku may attack if he has a one star card and it is pitted against an opponent's seven star card.
The square in the middle of the card (in yellow) indicates what action will be taken by the player whose card has the higher power. The possible actions are listed below.
The number presented on the bottom of the card (in blue) indicates the speed of the participant. If the speed of the defending participant is higher than the speed of the attacker, the defender may dodge the attack and escape without damage. The higher the speed is, the greater the chance of successfully dodging. Dodging an attack is not guaranteed.

Action guide[edit]

Original Kanji Translation icon Description
The fist indicates a punching attack.
A foot indicates a kicking attack.
This action represents a combination of punching and kicking attacks.
This action represents an attack using the Goku's bo staff. It is not initially available at the beginning of the game, and only becomes available after an event takes place.
When activated, the technique card presents the player with five face down cards. The player must select one and the technique shown on the face of the card is performed. The quantity and quality of techniques available to Goku improves as Goku rises in level.
Using this card will allow a participant to attempt to run away from the battle. In this case, the speed number of the participant must be higher than the opponents in order to successfully run away.
The effect of the random card could be any one of the six above, and will not be known until it is played.

Speed guide[edit]

Translation 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9