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Turtle House[edit]

  1. Search the bathroom. You'll find the Sea Turtle hiding inside.
  2. Speak with the Sea Turtle. It will tell you that a monster killed Krillin and stole your Dragon Ball.
  3. Move up the stairs. You will find Krillin's body.
  4. Search Krillin. Master Roshi and Lunch will mourn his passing and move his body to a bed.
  5. Search the left closet to find the Goku's Bo.
  6. Take Goku's Bo.
  7. Move back down the stairs.
  8. Move right. You'll see the kicthen.
  9. Speak with Lunch. She will discover an emblem with the symbol for "evil" written on it. Master Roshi will conclude that Piccolo has returned to the world.
  10. Move behind. You will face the living room.
  11. Search the shelf to find the Dragon Radar.
  12. Take the Dragon Radar.
  13. Move left to see the hallway again.
  14. Use the Dragon Radar.
  15. Move behind to face the front door.
  16. Move through the door.

Goku will summon the Nimbus cloud to chase after the culprit who is flying away. This will initiate a fight with Tambourine. Talk to him if you wish, and then Fight him. No matter what cards you choose, Tambourine will always dodge your attacks. He will strike you twice and knock you out. You will lose the Bo, and the Dragon Radar will break. You will awaken back in Turtle House.

  1. Search the closet. You will find a Hoipoi Capsule inside.
  2. Take the Hoipoi Capsule.
  3. Move right to face the living room.
  4. Use the TV. Piccolo will appear, announce his reign of terror, and order the death of every martial artist.
  5. Move right to face the front door.
  6. Talk with Master Roshi. He will suggest that you travel to the capital with Lunch in order to find Bulma.
  7. Move through the door. You'll be standing outside.
  8. Use the Hoipoi capsule. It will turn into a plane, and you will begin your first Adventure mode segment.

Journey to Western Capital[edit]

For your first Adventure mode, you should take it slowly. You'll actually want to encourage combat encounters, or training sessions, anything that will give you experience points and start to increase Goku's level. Before you actually enter the capital, you should try to help Goku reach level 3. That will prepare you for the battles that will take place there.

It is recommended that when you journey from Turtle House to Western Capital, you always select the card with the lowest number of Dragon Ball stars. If there is a tie, choose the card with the lowest speed number on the bottom. This will force you into more encounters, but it will also get rid of the cards which are less useful in combat, and leave you with the stronger cards.

Western Capital[edit]

  1. Move south. You will see a man in a green hat.
  2. Talk with this man. He will tell you that he operates the fountain.
  3. Move east. You will see a cop outside the Capsule Corporation.
  4. Move to enter the building.
  5. Search the room.
  6. Take the flashlight.
  7. Take the scrap of paper. It is another emblem of Piccolo's.
  8. Move to leave the building.
  9. Move north. You'll see a dog-like person.
  10. Move east. You'll reach a brick wall.
  11. Speak with Lunch four times. At first she will respond like she always does, then she will be silent. Suddenly, she will sneeze and turn into angry Lunch. Then she will notice something is strange about the wall.
  12. Strike the wall twice. The first time you will damage it. The second time, you will create a hole.
  13. Search the area. You will discover a manhole cover.
  14. Open the cover.
  15. Move to enter the manhole. It will be dark inside.
  16. Use the flashlight.
  17. Move to proceed further into the sewers three times.
  18. Speak with Lunch. She will notice a note about the fountain operator.

Do not try to blast open the wall with Kamehameha, or you will end up dying when the water rushes in. At this point, you must do a long series of moves to return to the fountain operator (return, return, return, return, west, south, west) and speak with him. Lunch will threaten him, and he will turn on the fountain, which will raise the gate. Then you must return all the way back to the gate (east, north, east, enter, proceed, proceed, proceed).

  1. Move to proceed through the gate.
  2. Move to climb the ladder. You will arrive in a room, where Ukulele is waiting.
  3. Fight Ukulele. If you are at level 3, you shouldn't have a difficult time. When the fight is over, you will find Bulma, and you will return to the outside.
  4. Move south to return to the Capsule Corporation. Ukulele will be standing there to challenge you again.
  5. Fight Ukulele. This fight won't be any more difficult than the last one.
  6. Enter the building. Bulma will be in her room.
  7. Search the room. You will find a Hoipoi Capsule.
  8. Take the Hoipoi Capsule.
  9. Speak with Bulma twice. She will agree to repair the Dragon Radar, and then accompany Goku on his way to find Yamcha.
  10. Move to exit the building, and the next Adventure mode will begin. Try to reach level 4 before you enter the Henshin School.

Henshin School[edit]

This section moves you along linearly, rather than having to move from one location to the next. You will be introduced to several people before control is returned to you.

  1. Speak with Bulma three times. She will think about what the teacher said, and realize something is wrong because Oolong never actually graduated.
  2. Use the Hoipoi Capsule. Suddenly, a stack of adult magazines will appear on the desk. Oolong will ask what you are doing.
  3. Speak with Bulma. She will realize that this is not the real Oolong. The real Oolong would immediately start looking at them. The fake Oolong will transform into Ukulele.
  4. Fight Ukulele. At level 3 or 4, this fight should proceed quickly. You will arrive in front of the bathrooms.
  5. Open the door. The real Oolong and Puar will appear. Puar will inform you that Yamcha went to Jingle Village. The next Adventure mode will begin.

Journey to Jingle Village[edit]

In order to reach Jingle Village, you'll have to head back up to Western Capital, and then go west from the city and follow the path up to the village. Try to reach level 5 before you enter Jingle Village. More importantly, have as close to full health as you can; until you get a coat, the cold weather will sap some of Goku's health.

Jingle Village[edit]

  1. Move to enter the home. You'll see an old man by a fire.
  2. Speak with the elder. He'll comment that you need to warm up.
  3. Move to leave the home. You will lose some health.
  4. Move South. You will lose some health.
  5. Move to enter the home. You'll see the Mayor.
  6. Speak with the mayor. He'll notice that Goku needs warmer clothing and offer to give you his coat.
  7. Move to the storage room. You'll see a closet.
  8. Check the shelf. You will see a coat.
  9. Take the coat. Now you won't sustain damage when you walk around outside.
  10. Move to leave the storage room. You'll be back with the mayor.
  11. Talk with the mayor. He will comment that some people are up to no good.
  12. Move to leave the home.
  13. Move North twice.
  14. Move to enter the home. You will see a young lady
  15. Speak with the lady. She will mention that Hatchan was captured.
  16. Move to leave the home.
  17. Move South.
  18. Move to enter the home.
  19. Speak with the elder. He will mention that there's been some commotion at old muscle tower.
  20. Move to leave the home.
  21. Move to the West. You will see the tower off in the distance.
  22. Move to the tower.
  23. Move to the Entrance.
  24. Move to enter the tower. You'll be inside the first room.
  25. Move to the Right. Ukulele will be waiting there to fight you.
  26. Fight Ukulele. Defeat him to gain access to the stairs behind him.
  27. Move to the stairs. You will climb to the second floor.
  28. Move left. You will see Hatchan standing there. Any attempt to speak with him will result in him striking Goku, causing damage.
  29. Search the stairs. Bulma will notice that somethings going on down there.
  30. Move to the stairs. You will descend to a secret room.
  31. Search the base twice. You will see lots of machinery controlling Hatchan. You will notice a switch on the wall.
  32. Press the switch. The lights will go out and control over Hatchan will be broken. He will warn you that Emperor Pilaf has terrible plans. Then Pilaf and his crew will appear, jump in the Pilaf machine and attack you.
  33. Fight the Pilaf Machine.

This can be a challenging fight if you are unlucky. If Pilaf uses his Rocket technique, it might kill you with one hit. If you have cards with enough Dragon Ball stars, you should be able to prevent that from happening. Upon defeating Pilaf, they will escape and fly off. You will discover the two-star Dragon Ball, and Yamcha will appear. He will join your group, and you will return to the exterior of the tower.

  1. Move East. You will be back at the initial Jingle Village screen.
  2. Move to enter the home.
  3. Speak with the Elder. The Elder will teach you how to summon the Nimbus cloud, enabling you to leave the town, and chase after Pilaf who has flown off to his castle.
  4. Move to leave the house.
  5. Move to leave the village.

Journey to New Pilaf Castle[edit]

You will need a good amount of hit points for the next location. Level 6 or 7 is the minimum level you should be at before entering the castle. However, since your hit points jump to 56 at level 8, it is recommended that you take the time to reach this level if you are patient enough.

New Pilaf Castle[edit]

  1. Move to the castle.
  2. Search the door. It will open.
  3. Move to enter through the door.
  4. Move forward twice. You will encounter Pilaf's henchmen.
  5. Move left.
  6. Move forward twice. Pilaf will challenge you as you approach the room.
  7. Fight the Pilaf Machine.
  8. Move to leave the room.
  9. Move forward.
  10. Move left.
  11. Move forward four times. You will encounter Ukulele.
  12. Fight Ukulele.
  13. Move to leave the room.
  14. Move forward.
  15. Move left.
  16. Move forward twice.
  17. Move right.
  18. Move forward four times. You will encounter Ukulele again.
  19. Fight Ukulele.
  20. Move to leave the room.
  21. Move forward twice.
  22. Move right.
  23. Move forward three times. You will climb a set of stairs which will only appear once you defeat the Pilaf Machine and Ukulele twice.
  24. Move right.
  25. Move forward twice.
  26. Move right. (If you move left and move forward through the door, you will wind up back at the entrance.)
  27. Move forward twice. You will encounter Tambourine.
  28. Fight Tambourine. He has a large amount of hit points. Try to use technique cards to reduce his health faster. Once you defeat him, you will obtain the four-star Dragon Ball.
  29. Search the statue three times. In the process, you will be returned to the entrance of the castle.
  30. Move to leave the castle.
  31. Move to leave the location. Goku will decide to visit Fortuneteller Baba in order to determine the location of the missing Dragon Balls