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The newspaper has received new letters from the Dahlia killer, which leads you to believe he may be responsible for all the recent murders. Take a look at the three items in the evidence room—a letter, a stanza from a Shelley poem and a book of poems. The captain is pretty unhappy that he may have five innocent men locked up. You'll need to apprehend the Dahlia killer before you let it be known you got it wrong five times in a row, or it'll mean your job. The poem snippet may be a clue, so you'll head to where you think it's pointing to check it out.

Pershing Square[edit]

Climb up onto the fountain to find the clues the killer left behind. You'll find another poem excerpt and Elizabeth Short's Social Security card. Betty Short was a victim in the original Dahlia murders, so it looks like it must be the same guy.

The way the rest of the case works is you solve the next location by interpreting the clues left behind in the poem excerpts. They all point to landmarks around L.A. As you've been driving around you may have already uncovered some of them. Read the clues you get and select the landmark on the map as your new destination. If you pick the right one, you'll receive a new objective to investigate the location and find the next clue. If the clue points to a landmark you haven't discovered yet, which means it won't be on your map, drive around and ask your partner for help until he tells you where to go.

Location 2[edit]

  • Location:
    Hall of Records

Head inside the building and talk to the guard at the reception desk. He'll tell you where the access panel to the maintenance room is so you can get out onto the top of the chandelier. At the top of the stairs, take a right and find the door marked "Maintenance" in a short hallway on the side, then climb up the ladder on the wall inside. Through the door up there you will need to tightrope walk across to the chandelier where you'll find Diedre Moller's wristwatch and the next clue. When you've examined the evidence, the supports for the chandelier will snap off and you'll need to start swinging the light so you can jump to the platform where your partner is. Just keep pulling back and forth, building up momentum and you'll jump when you get close.

Location 3[edit]

  • Location:
    LA Public Library

You'll want to get up to the pyramidal rooftop of the building, so start out by scaling the first pipe you start at. Climb up the bench to the high rooftop from there, then go over the scaffolding on the right where you'll find a ladder. It's pretty linear from here, cross some planks, climb some pipes and ladders and jump across some gaps in the scaffolding as you go around and up the building. You'll have to go down at some point, but as long as you're going counter-clockwise around the building, you're going the right way. When you get to the top, walk around the building to the opposite corner of the roof to find another clue from a previous case and the next clue.

Location 4[edit]

  • Location:
    Westlake Tar Pits

Walk over to the wooden platforms that go out across to the distant island. You can stop on the platforms that have the tops of their pegs sticking out, but when you're on the other sections, keep moving so you don't get sucked down. It won't let you walk off the walkway and you can just make out the platforms below the surface, so just keep walking. You can go left or right at the beginning, as they both work their way around to the island. When you get to the other side, look under the tree to find a victim's shoe and the next clue.

Location 5[edit]

  • Location:
    LA County Art Museum

Here you'll find a hedge maze, and the next clues in the center. Follow the blue signs from the car to the maze entrance, where Rusty will let you go in alone. It's a pretty simple maze, you can run around for a bit and find the center without too much of a problem. At the intersections, take the following directions to go straight to the middle:

  1. Right
  2. Right
  3. Left
  4. Straight

You'll find Celine Henry's garnet ring and the next clue at the end of the maze.

Location 6[edit]

  • Location:
    Intolerance Set

You'll spot the throne above you, so you know where you need to go. Head under the fallen pillar to the back of the set where you can take the stairs up. Head through the hallway and jump across to the next platform when you get to the top and all the supports for it will fall away. The platform will start swaying and you'll need to counter its movement by moving to the side opposite the direction it's moving. Stay on the platform long enough and your partner will throw a board down next to him and you can lean the platform toward it and make the jump. Head down the first ladder in front of you and go check the clues on the throne. When you've looked them over, you'll need to run off the set before it crashes down. Just keep running straight, jumping down from section to section.

Location 7[edit]

  • Location:
    Christ Crown of Thorns

You've finally made it to the last destination and can explore the abandoned church. Head inside and approach the lighted altar at the far end. The killer will pull a shotgun on you and you'll have a conversation with him before entering a firefight. You'll hear a grate moving right away, and when you go to investigate where the killer was, you'll see he's disappeared into an underground tunnel. There's a house with a light on outside, so go investigate to find another way into the catacombs. Inside the house is the killer's living quarters and through a door in the back you'll find his killing room. You can look around at the evidence spread all over the place, and when you're done, jump down the hole in the floor to chase him through the tunnels.

The Simple Art of Murder

15 Gamerscore points
The Simple Art of Murder
Complete all cases on the Homicide desk.

You'll make your way through the tunnels alone, with Mason taking potshots at you periodically. Just keep following the gunfire and lights and eventually you'll catch up to him. When you run up to corners, take cover and peek around so you don't get shot up. He'll usually take a shot then keep moving, but if you run up while he pokes around and unloads on you, you might not make it. At the last corner take him out and watch how the Dahlia cases and your time on the Homicide desk ends up. You've been transferred to the Vice desk.