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Collectable Items[edit]

Item Description
M.C. Kids Arch.png ARCHES
McDonand's arches can be found scattered all over the levels and the number of arches you have collected is shown at the top left of the screen. Collect as much as you can: every time you get to 100 arches the number will start flashing and at the end of the level you will be led to a bonus area, where you can earn up to 5 extra lives.
M.C. Kids Puzzle Card.png PUZZLE CARDS
These are the cards that the protagonists of the McDonaldland worlds will ask you to find in order to let you proceed. Sometimes they are well hidden or difficult to reach. Search the levels well to find them. Only after completing the level will you know which puzzle the cards you have taken belong to. After taking a card, it will be shown in the relevant puzzle on the world map.
M.C. Kids 1-Up.png 1-Up
Collecting these items will earn you an extra life.

Transportable Items[edit]

Item Description
M.C. Kids Block.png BLOCKS
These square blocks are primarily for attacking enemies. To pick up a block, you will need to stand against it and press Button B, or climb on top of it and press Button B and the Down Button at the same time. Mick or Mack will lift the block, holding it above his head. To launch the block, press button B again (together with the Up or Down buttons, if you want to launch it up or down). The block will bounce once on the ground and then fall, disappearing. However, it is also possible to recover the block on the fly, before it falls. It is also possible to kill multiple enemies with the same block.
M.C. Kids Porous Block.png POROUS BLOCKS
These blocks can also be used to traverse lava pools. After throwing them into the magma, it is possible to climb on them.
M.C. Kids Fill-in Block.png FILL-IN BLOCKS
In some levels there are moving platforms with only the dashed outline visible. In order to use them you will first have to fill them with one of these blocks, which you will have to throw into the outline.
M.C. Kids Boat.png BOAT
This boat is useful for being able to safely cross stretches of water, without the risk of drowning or being bitten by the Gnash fish. Sometimes you will have to pick it up and throw it into the water, while others you will find it already in the water.
M.C. Kids Snow.png SNOW
When on snowy ground, you can collect snowballs by pressing the B button. You can then throw them to hit enemies, but unlike blocks, the snowballs won't bounce off the ground, they will disappear right away.

Other Elements[edit]

Item Description
M.C. Kids Reverser.png REVERSERS
By touching a reverser, you will be sent back by spinning to the beginning of the level.
M.C. Kids Spinner.png SPINNERS
These gears can be on the edge of a platform. By running on them, the force of gravity will be reversed and from that moment you will be walking upside down! You will have to use these spinners to reach some items. To get back to moving normally, you'll need to use a spinner again, to reverse gravity again. However, you will have to walk quickly to get them to activate.
M.C. Kids Zipper.png ZIPPERS
To enter these zippers, stand in front of them and press button B. The zipper will lead you to another area of the level or to a bonus area.
M.C. Kids Springboard.png SPRINGBOARDS
By jumping on these springboards, Mick or Mack will be able to make a very high jump.
M.C. Kids Super Springboard.png SUPER SPRINGBOARDS
With these springboards you can make an even higher jump, but you must have a block in hand to be able to activate them.
M.C. Kids Lift.png LIFTS
These lifts can be used to reach overhead suspended platforms. There are motionless lifts, which begin to descend slowly as soon as Mick or Mack steps on them, and lifts that move continuously, according to a predefined path.
M.C. Kids Conveyor Lift.png CONVEYOR LIFT
These lifts move along a predefined visible path. To make them move, you have to climb on them and walk in the opposite direction to the one you want to move.
M.C. Kids Switch.png MICK MACK'ER
By touching this switch, you will change your character from Mick to Mack and vice versa.