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Following the incident in Guadalajara, you discover that the child trafficking being conducted by Desperado is strongly connected to the largest PMC on the planet, World Marshal. Intending to put a stop to their plans, you've resigned from Maverick, and are en route to Denver, Colorado, to infiltrate World Marshal's HQ, and bring them down from the top.

Evading arrest[edit]

When the opening cutscene ends, you're surrounded by cyborg police officers in the employ of World Marshal. Forget the law, just cut them down. Watch out for the ones with RPG launchers, which appear in the second wave. Run forward to be ambushed by more police officers. Again, eliminate them. After disposing of them, Wolf will enter and inform you that the roads ahead are blocked, and that it will lead you through the buildings instead. Move forwards. Here, you have to take down two weaker versions of the GRAD UG from the last chapter. Use Ninja Run to deflect the bullets, and parry their charge attacks. Press Triangle button + Circle button when prompted to cut them down and Zandatsu them. Head up the stairs, and jump over the gap in the catwalk. Enter the building.

Head through the building until you come to an office. Inside, you face two Gekkos and a horde of Dwarf Gekkos. Get rid of some of the Dwarf Gekkos first, before they become annoying, then focus on the full-size ones, then finish off the remaining dwarf units (they respawn continuously until the Gekkos are disposed of). Continue into the next corridor. Wolf will inform you of an elevator nearby, which you need to use. Follow the corridor to the right. Stop at the corner, and equip the rocket launcher. Use it to shoot down the cyborg across the way. Run across and kill the two cyborgs in the elevator, then use it yourself.

Denver rooftops[edit]

Outside, drop down to the lower level, and pick up the Drum Can nearby. The Drum Can is similar to the Cardboard Box in its ability to conceal your presence from nearby cyborgs, but is more suitable to this environment. Climb onto the crane, and jump over to the next building. Take down the cyborgs, and head up the stairs to the left. Jump across to the next tower, and then over to the next building. Climb the stairs to an area with several coolant fans, where you're ambushed by more cyborgs. Beware of the cyborg berserker, whose hammer can deal large amounts of damage if not blocked. Climb the stairs. Use Augment Mode to spot the cyborg patrolling the upper level here, then run up and Ninja Kill him while he's looking away. Use the red mesh frame to cross to the next building.

Use the Drum Can to avoid being spotted by the Slider, then wait in the can for the cyborg below to approach Ninja Kill range. Use an EM grenade to disable the cyborgs ahead, then run in and kill while they're disabled. Doing so will prevent the civilian from being killed, gaining you bonus BP. Head further around the rooftop. At the end of this one, Wolf will inform you that you cannot travel any further via the rooftops, and marks out an elevator to an underground tunnel. Cut your way in, and cut the wires holding the elevator up.

Railway tunnel[edit]

The electrical system in the tunnel has failed, and it's pitch black down here. Use Augment Mode to find your way through the dark. The area is lined with Mastiffs, and things will turn ugly very quickly if they spot you, so use the Drum Can to avoid detection, and try to sneak in a few Ninja Kills. On the roof near the first waypoint are a bunch of Dwarf Gekkos. Take out the nearby Mastiff first, then shoot down the Gekkos with either rockets or homing missiles. Ninja Run onto the disused train, then equip the Drum Can to evade the Mastiff. Run over and Ninja Kill when it is facing away. Ninja Run up to the upper level, and equip the Drum Can. Move out of the Dwark Gekko's range, and Ninja Kill the Mastiff. Exit through the marked door. Wolf will call you, and inform you that you need to return to the surface. Cut down the gate, and leave.

Commercial district[edit]

Outside, you are targeted by a GRAD almost immediately. Ninja Run towards it, avoiding the lock-on reticle. Cut down the cyborgs you meet. When they are dead, cut down the pillars holding up the road above to engage the GRAD. Defeat it in the usual method, then continue toward the marked waypoint. More police officers are waiting for you behind a barricade. You can either engage them, or wait for the two patrolling officers to move away, then sneak past along the wall. Either way, continue forward to the shopping district.

This area is laden with police officers. One is waiting at the foot of the stairs. He may spot you, and go to investigate. Equip the Drum Can, and wait for him to leave, then Ninja Kill him. On the steps ahead, wait for two of the officers to move out of sight, then sneak up to the right, and behind the stationary officer, and Ninja Kill. Head up the steps, and use the Drum Can. Wait for the next two to come down, and Ninja Kill when they both start going back up. If you're spotted, you'll be joined by a Fenrir, a lesser version of Blade Wolf. Dispose of all enemies, and continue up the commercial district.

As you travel, you're greeted by your old friend from Brazil, Jetstream Sam. Continue moving forward while he delivers his lecture. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to cut down the cyborgs he sends in. After the cutscene, you are in a weakened state, and your attack options are limited, so it's best to avoid battle for now. Head up along the right, avoiding the patrolling officer. Use Augment Mode to locate the enemies, and head towards the marked destination. Unluckily, there are two officers parked at the entrance to World Marshal. They will spot you. Defend yourself as best you can until Jetstream Sam arrives, followed by another member of Desperado...

Boss: Monsoon[edit]

Most of Monsoon's attacks can be parried:

  • A basic slashing attack. Occasionally, he will detach his arm and throw it at you to perform this attack from a distance.
  • A series of kicks which must be parried multiple times.
  • Throwing out an RP Grenade to shield his movements, and attacking from several directions at random.
  • Splitting his body into several pieces and throwing them at you.
  • Attempting to grab you and stab at you several times. If he grabs you, shake Neutral lstick to break free.

For this battle, you will have infinite Fuel Cells. There are certain points during the battle during which you cannot hit Monsoon. If you have an EM Grenade to hand, use it to stun him, and then attack his head in Blade Mode. If not, just keep trying until you do eventually hit him. When his health is down to about 70%, he will throw various armoured vehicles at you. Use Blade Mode to cut them down. Once he is down to about 40%, he will throw a large pile of debris at you. Use Ninja Run to avoid it. He will do this once more at 10%, followed by a large obelisk. Ninja Run at it, use Blade Mode to shatter the next piece he throws at you, then hit Triangle button + Circle button, followed by Blade Mode, to finish him.