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You've successfully made your way into World Marshal's headquarters in Denver; now it's time to bring them down from within. Following on from the previous chapter's battle with Monsoon, you now gain access to Ripper Mode, which is activated by pressing L3 button + R3 button. Ripper Mode can only be activated when your fuel cell gauge is full and glowing red. Using it allows you to slice through enemies like you can during Zandatsu, except during normal combat (but you cannot absorb repair packs during Ripper Mode, unless you perform Zandatsu as normal). Ripper Mode can be ended by pressing L3 button + R3 button again, or it will end automatically once your fuel cells are empty.

Cold reception[edit]

Once inside, you're greeted by Sundowner, who tells you your objective, the stolen brains, are in the server room. Cut down the holographic receptionist at the desk to trigger a battle. Cut down the cyborgs that appear. When they are all defeated, two Fenrirs will appear near the entrance to the building. Once those are defeated, head up the stairs at the back of the lobby. You can get lots of rocket and missile launchers by breaking open the glass boxes along the walls here. Head towards the elevators marked on the radar, at which point another battle will begin. Go back to the entrance, and take down the cyborgs. Eventually, Doktor will call, informing you that he has hacked the elevator. Get to it as quickly as possible.

Security gate[edit]

Once you arrive, you're told of your next objective: cutting the power to the security gate, in order to gain access. Follow the corridor around to the security gate, and cut through the glass door. Use Augment Mode to avoid the guard in the left room, then run in and Ninja Kill the guard in the right room. In this room, use Augment Mode to find the electrical panel, and cut it off. Head across the corridor to the next room, which contains two guards. Run in and Ninja Kill the nearest one when both are looking away, then use the cardboard box to avoid detection. Wait for the second guard to approach and begin moving away again, and then Ninja Kill him. Use Augment Mode to find and destroy the second electrical panel (it should be in the furthest corner, on the right). Once the second panel is destroyed, a berserker cyborg will enter the next room. You can't complete this section without being caught, so run in and clear the enemies out (a standard cyborg, a berserker, and eventually a Gekko). Once they are all down, use Augment Mode to locate the final panel (it's behind a bookshelf). Now return to the gate, where another berserker is waiting for you. Cut him down to access the gate. Enter the door at the end of the corridor.

Inside, you're ambushed by multiple enemies. You can't defeat them all, so just use Ninja Run to clear the collapsing debris as quickly as possible. At the end, you face another GRAD, which you must destroy to move on. Once it is down, Ninja Run at the Sliders outside to use them as stepping stones to the next area. Use Blade Mode on the last one when prompted to make it explode, launching you back to the building. Run up the building, avoiding the marked red areas (missile targets). You can't move left or right quickly, so you need to move as soon as you see the reticles appear. At the top, you'll automatically jump back inside the building.

Japanese Garden[edit]

Follow the corridor along to a Japanese garden. As soon as you enter, you're attacked by several cyborgs. Cut them down (watch out for those with rocket launchers). Cross the bridge and head up the stairs. Defeat the custom cyborg here, and head around to the right of the tō. Ninja Run up the wooden structure, and then climb the boxes onto the roof. Head left, and jump down to the rear entrance of the tō. Use Augment Mode to spot the Mastiff across the rooftops, and head over to its location. Sneak up from behind and Ninja Kill it. Now run back to the entrance of the tō, and Ninja Run up the wall by the steps. Ninja Kill the guard below, then quickly run back up, and repeat for the second guard. Go back to where the first Mastiff was, and Ninja Kill the guard below. Enter the building immediately ahead of you, and go right. Head up the stairs, and onto the roof, from where you can Ninja Kill the second Mastiff. Go back across and Ninja Run up the boxes. Climb the roof to the catwalk. Follow it back into the main building. Enter the door at the end of this corridor.

Elevator battle[edit]

Inside, pick up the Drum Can, then hide behind the cargo box. Wait for the custom cyborg to face away, then run up and Ninja Kill him. Head around the corner, and do the same with the next cyborg. Repeat again with the next cyborg guarding the elevator. Press Circle button at the control panel to activate the elevator, and prepare for battle. First up are three cyborgs, followed by two Gekkos when only one remains. After this battle, a second elevator appears above you. More cyborgs will appear - two with shields, who are soon joined by a Raptor. When those are defeated, two Fenrirs will appear. Defeat them as usual. Next, two cyborgs will shoot down your elevator. They will then jump onto your elevator. Kill them. They'll also be joined by more cyborgs, and several Dwarf Gekkos who will attempt to slow your elevator down and prevent your escape. Destroy the Dwarf Gekkos, and jump to the other elevator. Once on the second elevator, you face two berserkers, three sliders, and later two Mastiffs. Once all are defeated, you finally reach the top floor.

Follow the corridors to the room marked on the radar. Inside you face AI versions of Mistral and Monsoon, one after the other. Defeat them as you did the real things. After, head through the next corridor to the server room. Inside, after Sundowner's speech, follow him up the stairs and through the next corridor. Ninja Run up the server machines to the catwalk above, and head outside onto the helipad.

Boss: Sundowner[edit]

Sundowner's attacks can be parried, as usual:

  • Slashing at you with his pincer blades, either once or several times;
  • Charging at you from a distance with his shield. Parry, and mash the displayed button to prise the shield open;
  • Attacking you with his shield, if you are behind him;
  • Charging at you and stabbing you with his blades. This move can't be parried, but you can jump over him.

Your main concern, though, is his shield, which will explode on attack if not dealt with properly. After you parry an attack successfully, you can use Free Blade Mode to cut down his shields (attacking with Triangle button and Square button is too imprecise). You must hit all squares that appear, or the shield will explode. You can then cut off one part of the shield. You can also avoid his shield entirely and simply attack from behind. You also will have Hammerhead helicopters trying to attack you during the battle; destroying them is optional, and replacements will arrive for each one that you do defeat.

Once all shields are cut off, the battle enters stage 2. Sundowner will become much more aggressive, but you can also attack more without having to worry about his shields exploding. He may also break off a pole from around the helipad, and use it to attack. Parry it, and you will break it after four or five attacks. After taking him down, he will take flight in a helicopter. You'll also take control of a Slider. Pilot it around the debris (you can also press Square button to fire missiles and shoot it down), and at the top, use Blade Mode to break through the roof. When prompted, press Triangle button + Circle button to throw the Slider at Sundowner's helicopter, launching Sundowner at you, from where you can use Blade Mode to defeat him, and finish the chapter.