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It's time to get out of Denver. As soon as the chapter begins, you face four cyborgs. Cut them down. After a while three Gekkos will appear. Hide behind the front of the truck, and wait for them to move away, then Ninja Kill the nearest one. Then, go to the back of the truck, and kill the Gekko around here. Another one is circling the tram. Use the tram as cover, follow it, and kill it. Run across to the main thoroughfare, where a large group of cyborgs attack you. Cut through them. Aside from the berserker, they're fairly ordinary, and you should be able to defeat them easily. Continue through the commercial district, cutting down the Dwarf Gekkos. The next area is littered with Dwarf Gekkos and Sliders. Cut through them (you will also have to fight off two Raptors). Continue down the stairs. Prepare an EM Grenade, and Ninja Kill the cyborg, then quickly throw the EM Grenade at the cyborgs and GRAD. Destroy them as quickly as possible to save the civilian. Continue through the barricade. Down the street, a Mastiff is on patrol. Hide behind the APC, wait for it to face away, then run over and Ninja Kill it. After, run back and hide behind the APC again. Two cyborgs will be bussed in. Wait for the best moment, and Ninja Kill them. Leave through the barricade to end the chapter.