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Special Notice:
This is a rare breed and needs to be unlocked. Only ??? sub-breeds are available on CD's. Results may vary by disc printing, as a reprint of a disc may not produce the same results as an original printing.

How to Unlock[edit]

  1. In the 4th week of April, win the Trial Cup. There are three opponents, including a Dragon in this tournament.
  2. Win the Official B Cup to raise your monster to Rank A.
  3. In the 4th week of August, you will be invited to compete in an Invitational battle with a Black Dragon. When you win, you will receive a Dragon Tusk.
  4. Combine a Stinger (Naga/Dino) with a Grape (Dino/Naga), using the Dragon Tusk as seasoning, and get a Dragon.

171 Jihad (Dragon/Golem)[edit]

172 Gariel (Dragon/Gali)[edit]

173 Laguna (Dragon/Monol)[edit]

174 Dragon (Dragon/Dragon)[edit]

175 Robo (Dragon/Henger)[edit]

176 Apocolis (Dragon/???)[edit]

Apocolis CD list[edit]