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Primary objectives
Objective How to complete
Disarm the Security System Press the buttons correctly on the pad and shut off the motion sensers
Toss food to Penny Take all the food with a blue glow around it and throw them to Penny before the time is up.
Secondary objectives
Objective How to complete
Don't set off a single alarm Don't touch the lasers or run through the motion sensors.

RJ and Verne get into Gladys' House. It makes Verne want to get a log with a higher roof... and carpet.

You are in the living room, and there are double-lasers in-between the armchairs. There is a CD ontop of the shelf, and some other objects (such as a few pizza boxes and a china vase) which you can break to get some chips or cookies. After this you can either jump straight over the lasers or over the armchairs, since there are no lasers on them.

Carry on and you'll come to the kitchen. There are two motion sensors here. You can hold down R1 button to sneak through them or just avoid them completely. On the table is a Chef's Hat. There are also lots of breakable items here. Jump down off the other side of the table and head to the glowing pad.

RJ calls Hammy. He tells him to press the flashing buttons, and cookies will rain out of the sky (although they don't). You need to press the correct buttons on the controller as RJ's laser pen points to the button Hammy needs to press. When you have pressed all the correct buttons, the Motion Sensors get turned off.

RJ and Verne run back to meet the others. They only have a few minutes until the humans wake up! They need to work quickly to get all the food. There are three food items on the table in the middle of the kitchen. Press Circle button to pick them up, then run to penny and press Square button to throw them to her. There are another two food items on the small table near the window. Give all the food to Penny before the time runs out!