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Primary objectives
Objective How to complete
Get to the last car. Get to the end of the train and press Circle button.
Secondary objectives
Objective How to complete
Blow up 8 TNT barrels! Find 8 TNT barrels and hit them to blow them up.
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  8. Just before the coal part of the train.
Don't get caught in a net trap! Avoid walking under the net traps. They look like lights in the ceiling of the carriages. The easiest way to avoid them is to keep to one side of the carriage as you go along.

At the beginning of the level, you find yourself aboard a steam train, having narrowly escaped a dog determined to devour the gang. Move from one train car to the next, but exercise caution due to the presence of traps. Please see previous sections for tips on dealing with the traps.

Upon reaching a passenger car, progress is momentarily halted. Two ping-pong guns will appear. Secure one for yourself and let your computer-controlled ally take the other. Use these weapons to counter the rats armed with ping-pong and freeze guns. Once they're defeated, continue traversing from car to car.

Eventually, you'll emerge outside where wooden platforms await. Leap across these and, upon reaching the opposite side, dispatch any rats you encounter. Note: there's an item here worth collecting. Afterward, re-enter the train. Once inside, you'll shortly find yourself outside again. This time, wooden boxes will be rising and crashing down. Sprint beneath them and locate a narrow safe space to stand in to avoid getting crushed. Lingering beneath these boxes for too long will deplete your health.

Having navigated this exterior section, you're close to the front of the train. Enemies will try to obstruct your path; you can either confront them or bypass them entirely. Finally, press the appropriate button to engage the train's controls, thus completing the level.