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Primary objectives
Objective How to complete
Meet Heather at the end of the street Get past the construction zone
Get the Projector from the house Pick up the Projector and carry it outside
Meet Ozzie with the Projector Put the Projector in the Loot Zone
Secondary objectives
Objective How to complete
Don't get Electrocuted Don't touch any of the electric wires
Don't set off a motion sensor Don't move inside any of the motion sensors
Find Penny's three missing kids Find all three porcupine kids

Heather tells you that the projector is in a house at the end of the street. She will meet you there.

First you need to jump over the net fence. If you are trying to complete the missing kids objective, go left and you will see the first missing kid on top of some wood blocks. Jump over the electric wires, but be careful as there are rats trying to attack you. Take them out if you want, but try not to hit the door of the toilet, because if you do then it will open and shoot you.

Carry on, and two rats with guns will jump out. You can take them both out with one hit. Keep going and you will come to a large, round rock and a motion sensor. On top of the large rock is a hat. You need to jump up the rock to get it, but be careful; surrounding the rock is an electric wire. There are some crates to the right side which you can use to jump on the rock. Once you are ontop of the rock you can jump down the other side and completely avoid the motion sensor. Soon after is a room with another of the missing kids in it.

You will soon come to a large motion sensor with a plank in the middle that leads up to another of the missing kids. Slightly after this part you will come to a whole field of motion sensors. Luckily, there is a path through the middle where you can go. It's hard to creep through these as some rats will be trying to attack you. Alternatively, you can jump on top of the crates to the right of the sensors, where you won't be detected by the motion sensors or be attacked by the rats.

After you've got past the minefield of motion sensors, you will see Heather. She calls to you, running towards you, when a cage appears around her. Rats jump out of the bushes, and Heather's only defense is to play dead.

You need to get rid of all the rats. There will also be a robotic bush spinning towards you, so take that out as well. When they are all gone, break Heather's cage open. Heather thanks you, and then Ozzie appears. He scolds Heather for running off. You now need to get the Projector from the house.

There are two robotic bushes which you will pass on your way to the Loot Zone after you have the Projector, so it's wise to get rid of them before you bring the Projector out, so you don't have to try and run away from them while carrying it. Then go inside the house, where the door is glowing.

You will see the Projector on a table in the middle of the room. Pick it up then run out of the house, avoiding the rats.

Heather greets you and tells you that they're all meeting at the end of the street. You need to run to the Loot Zone and put the Projector in it. On your way to the Loot Zone, you will encounter some rats, one of which appears beside the garage with a ping pong gun. After you have put the Projector in the Loot Zone, you have finished the level.