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Primary objectives
Objective How to complete
Defeat the Gophers Kill all the Gophers
Get past the laser grid Get to the swimming pool area in the second yard
Use the Fire Hydrent Press Circle button and use the Fire Hydrent to get across te street.
Secondary objectives
Objective How to complete
Open 4 coolers Open four coolers:
  1. On the doorstep of the first house, behind a bin
  2. Next to the table in the first yard
  3. Near the end of the laser grid
  4. On the picnic table near the swimming pool
Save the bunny from the exterminator Break the exterminator model ontop of the Vermtech van

Another heist, but this time with a twist; they must avoid the streets at all costs. This was a rule RJ has made up; however, when Verne doubts his plan, he says "where does it say you can't avoid something by going towards it, and crossing it?"

First, you must jump over three single lasers. Suddenly, some Gophers tunnel their way through the ground. You need to defeat them; one of the gophers will drop a shovel after you kill it, so remember to pick it up. Gophers are easy to kill id you have energy, because if they get caught in your spinning energy attack, they will get dazed, and in a few seconds, defeated.

After you have defeated all the Gophers, go right into the corner of the garden and pick up the Frog Statue. Then go over to the gate. On the way, you can open the cooler in front of the dog statue, as it has a hat inside. Put the Frog Statue on the slab, and continue through the gate.

You will come to a laser grid. Try and get through it. Towards the end, one of the lasers moves back and forth, making it harder. Finally, turn to the left and you have made it through the lasers.

You need to go right, and around the swimming pool. However, a surprise awaits you; a flying grill! Don't get underneath it or it will drop a fiery plate on you. The eaiest way to defeat it is to use range attack. Press Circle button and aim at the grill, and release to hit it. Grills also drop plates when you hit them, so don't be too close. After four hits, it will fall to the ground. Stay away from it because after a few seconds, it will explode. Then continue around the pool. You need to defeat another grill, and some windup exploding toys. For these simply, smash the bin they're coming from and hit them.

You will come to a pad where you need to press buttons to open the gate. Press the right ones, and the gate will open. As you go down the side of the house, you need to shoot the Vermtech 2000, which will shoot golf balls at you. Also watch out for the two patches on the ground, as if you step on one a cage will appear around you. Go up to the fire hydrent and press Circle button to finish the level.