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Pool of Radiance
Developer(s)Strategic Simulations
Publisher(s)Strategic Simulations
System(s)MS-DOS, Apple II, C64, Mac OS, Commodore Amiga, NEC PC-9801, NES
Followed byHillsfar
SeriesForgotten Realms
Release date(s)1988
ModesSingle player
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Pool of Radiance is a role-playing game developed by Strategic Simulations and released in 1988. It is the first official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game ever developed and released.


Original version 1988: MS-DOS
Most popular port 1988: MS-DOS
Most advanced port 1988: MS-DOS
Other ports Flag of the United States.svg Apple II (1989), Macintosh (1989)
Globe.svg C64 (1988), Amiga (1990), NES (1991)
Flag of Japan.svg NEC PC-9801 (1989)

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