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Although the guide provided here will let you complete Space Quest III with the maximal score, one of many joys of old adventure games lies in the depth of the world. While this document provides a decent outline of notable moments within the game, to list them all would be an impossible feat. In other words, this guide is not a suitable substitute to actually experiencing the game.

The Garbage Freighter[edit]

  • Did you watch the lower-right corner of your screen during the intro sequence?
  • Have you tried looking at the screen inside the Aluminum Mallard prior to installation of the Warp Motivator? It's almost 3D!
  • Have you examined the Tie Fighter?
  • Have you examined the small pod next to Aluminum Mallard? Twice?


  • Have you checked out the desert south of your ship? (Save First)
  • Have you checked out the desert North of World-O-Wonders? (Save First)
  • Did you check out awesome postcards at Fester's World-O-Wonders?
  • Have you tried opening the display case outside of Fester's shop? (Save First)
  • Did you try to wear your silly Astro Chicken Flight Hat before leaving World-O-Wonders?
  • Did you know you can use the pole from Ortega to pick up Arnoid's invisibility belt? (!!!)

Monolith Burger[edit]

  • Have you tried the Big Belcher Combo? Have you tried returning to your ship afterwards?
  • Have you tried to use the airlock on the opposite side? Twice? (Save First)
  • Have you tried to cut in line on the right-hand screen?


  • Have you tried using the telescope prior to discovering the secret message at Monolith Burger?
  • After crossing the unstable rocks, walk two screens to the right, and then one screen down. You can check out the pirates' ship. (Unfortunately, you can not hijack it).