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A Finite Number Served?

Walk one screen to the left, and approach the alien clerk. Order food. Get Monolith Fun Meal (7). [10] Pay. Walk to an empty table, and Roger will sit down. Eat food. You will receive a decoder ring from your Fun Meal. [10]

Stand up and walk to the arcade machine. Look at the screen and insert buckazoid. Play the game until you land 10 chickens (for information, see Astro Chicken section of this guide). [50] If necessary, continue playing until you see a secret message written with alien symbols. [50] Use the decoder ring to display the code. [20] Since most of the symbols involved resemble English letters, the message should not be hard to read.

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This section features a minigame:

Astro Chicken

Return to your airlock (on the right), and enter ship. Set your course to the hot planet of Ortega as you have done previously, and select Light Speed.