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The game is cheating[edit]

In the western localization, the attributes growth of all the player characters is far lower than in the original. Even worse, when fighting another one of Lemele's warriors, that opponent keeps his/hers original Japanese attributes.

This accounts for the great difficulty of the game.


Cheating in the duels[edit]

During a duel against one of Lemele's warriors it's possible to summon your ally. First, one of your characters must have learned the Revive1 spell (a bottle of Magic Water would not work). Second, before the actual fight leave town and let the other character die. When you start the duel against the other warrior, cast Revive1.

This trick only works during Chapter 4 and Chapter 6, where fighting a duel is part of the plot.

Four characters can learn the Revive1 spell:

  • Valsu at Level 10 (he can likely do this trick already in Chapter 4; he can also learn Revive2)
  • Esuna at Level 24
  • Kamil at Level 30
  • Olvan at Level 42 (very, very late)

Another trick when faced with a duel is to allow your main warrior die and gain a few levels with your companion alone. Since the character whom you need to duel remains at the same level as your main warrior, when you fight the duel using your companion alone, he or she may have an easier time doing so being a few levels higher.

Super-upgrades of Lux[edit]

In Melenam during Chapter 10, Lux can still move away while he's getting fixed. This way, he can leave and re-enter the room several times, until all his attributes are maxed out to the top. It's harder than what it seems: let the engineer approach the door and the other tetsujin move out of the way.


Hidden items[edit]

There are 44 hidden items throughout the game. In order to find one, you have to stand on the right square, facing any direction, and search the area (open menu, select "Search"). The details and screenshots of every hidden item are described in the corresponding chapters of this guide.

Credit goes to Fistukman for the earliest complete list of the 44 hidden items.

Rare items[edit]

Four unique items are hidden around Ticondera. They are armors or accessories. A character can equip two of them at the same time: one cloak and one accessory.

  • Cloak of Fire: search in Dowaine; it improves resistance against Fire spells (Fire 1-2, Firebirds, Fireballs);
  • Cloak of Ice: search in the castle of Baran; it improves resistance against Ice spells (Ice 1-2, Blizzard 1-2);
  • Ring: search in Pandam; it grants resistance against Vacuum spells (Vacuum 1-2);
  • Amulet: search in Bilthem castle; it grants resistance against Debuff spells (MP-Catcher, HP-catcher, Defense-down, Petrify).

The extra protection granted by the Ring and the Amulet is checked before triggering a Mirror or a Harp, therefore they help saving on these items.

Secret passages[edit]

In the North Tower, two secret passages allow shortcuts. Their location and details are described in the corresponding section of the guide.