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Map of Ticondera; the area of this chapter is highlighted in green.

It is advisable to be at level 32 at the beginning of this chapter (this is chapter 8, it is recommeded that your level is four times the chapter number, therefore 4×8=32).


Hidden item in the inn.
Hidden item in Rarsa's home.

From Tiffana, travel south-west along the coast, and you'll reach Brush.

The people of Brush are somehow worried about what's happening in the remote western continent of Barluca. But there are actually no coonections there, so this problem can wait for now. Also, here lives Brantu, the historian who you met in Zellis, but right now he's working on some unfinished project.

The people of Brush are particularly proud of the fortune teller who lives in town, Rarsa. You can visit her and she'll tell you where to go next for 100 G. If you came from Tiffana, Rarsa will tell you to go to Bilthem for the next rune.

Free items:

  • Potion 3: search near the window in the inn
  • Vacuum: search the shelves in Rarsa's house

Prices in the table below assume that Belaine and Telaine are at peace. If not, prices will be higher.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Desp sword 7200 33 Brav armor 7600 24 Potion 2 100
Fear sword 10400 38 Mystc armor 10500 32 Potion 3 400
Desp axe 15000 40 Hope robe 5600 12 M. water 1200
Kryn axe 21000 50 Anger robe 9000 16 Wind ball 80
Brill rod 4000 17 Myst shield 15100 +32 Opal 100
Pearl 200
Topaz 500
Ruby 1000
Emerald 5000


Pandam is the town where King Lemele recruited Lux Tizer the Tetsujin.
Hidden item in the inn.

From Brush, follow the southern coast and you'll get to a small peninsula. That's where you can find the town of Pandam.

The people of Pandam are worried about the strange behaviour of the people of Bilthem. That town is to the north, between the mountains.

Free items:

  • Ring: search a corner of the inn; this rare item grants the wearer good defense against Vacuum spells, thus allowing to save Harps.

Prices in the table below assume that Belaine and Telaine are at peace. If not, prices will be higher.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Desp sword 7200 33 Royl armor 1600 14 Potion 2 100
Fear sword 10400 38 Cour armor 4000 18 M. water 1200
Desp axe 15000 40 Anger robe 9000 16 Mirror 200
Kryn axe 21000 50 Vict robe 14000 21 Wind ball 80
Conf rod 2500 14 Just shield 7800 +24 Opal 100
Pearl 200
Topaz 500
Sapphire 2500
Diamond 10000

The Vict. robe offers just 1 point of defense more than the Cloaks of Ice and Fire, but no elemental defense, therefore it is not particularly convenient.


Hidden item in Bilthem.

Leave Pandam and walk north-west, then head decisively north in the mountain valleys. When the valley turns east, you should get to Bilthem.

Unfortunately, all the people here are clearly under some brainwash spell, and they'll refuse you any service: no inn, no healer, no shop. If it was hard to get here, it's better to use the Wind Rune (or a Wind Ball) and get back to another town to rest. The cheapest inns in Ticondera are in the kingdoms of Lemele, Belaine and Telaine. After you rest and save, use the Wind Rune again to teleport back to Bilthem and face the castle.

Free items:

  • Exit Gate: on the third floor of the town, get outside from the door between the two stairs; search the protruding ledge with two other doors at its base.

Bilthem Castle[edit]

Hidden item in Bilthem castle dungeons.
Hidden item in Bilthem castle.

Chest list:

  • K. Trick
  • K. Trick
  • V. seed
  • M. Water
  • K. Trick
  • B. Agility
  • M. Herb 1
  • Vacuum
  • Harp
  • Potion 2
  • Topaz
  • Amulet (search the floor behind a pillar; it protects from debuff spells)
  • Topaz (search a cell)
  • B. Fossil
  • M. Siphon

Most enemies in the castle use Ice spells, but Doros attacks with Fire spells: it is recommended to get both cloaks of Fire and Ice. Remember that whenever you enter a door, the location of the enemies get reset, i.e. pushed back a bit far away from you.

  • Ground Floor: From the entrance, magic flames block your way. You have to walk left and into a room. Of the three chests, two are K. Tricks. Leave the room from the upper door and continue straight to a fourth chest. To the left are the stairs to the next floor.
  • Floor 1: Follow the passages down and to the right. At the fork, continue right and enter the door. Of the three chests, only one is a K. Trick. Leave the room from the upper door and walk left to the next chest. Enter the fireplace to get back to the ground floor.
  • Floor 0-b: Be careful: if you enter the fireplace again, you'll fall out from the castle. Right outside the fireplace there is another chest. Hug the wall to the left until you get in a V-shaped corner between pillars and wall: search there to find the rare Amulet. Backtrack to the right and open the next chest, then continue left and climb the stairs down.
  • Floor −1: This is the dungeon of Bilthem. Luckily, there are no enemies here. The guard lost the jail key, but you can find it by pushing the table near there. Grab the Jail Key and use it to open all the cells. Search the floor in the middle cell to find a Topaz. Talk to the man in the last cell, and he'll give you the Star: this item greatly weakens the boss, Doros. Now you can get ack upstairs.
  • Floor 0-c: If you need so, you can leave the castle from the fireplace and rest. After you rest, get back here and let's continue, to the left and up the stairs.
  • Floor 1-b: Magic flames block your way again. First, walk all the way right and into a room with two chests. After the room, walk straight left to another room with one chest only. Now, leave the room and walk up-left; find your way across the hall between the flames. When you reach the opposite wall, walk up towards the stair. At the top, Doros is waiting on his throne.

BOSS: Doros[edit]

Although the reward for beating Doros is less than for beating Serpent (in terms of gold and experience), he is actually stronger than her. In particular, his Fireballs spell is extremely dangerous. Remember to equip the Fire Cloak to any of your characters. The Amulet will defend your spellcaster from Doros' MP-Catcher spell.

The very first thing you must do in this battle is to use the Star, that will negate Doros' clone spell.

Use runes/spells/bottles to increase defense, speed and power. If Lejes or Valsu is with you, cast F. Shield to protect from the strongest spells. After these preparations, attack.

Free Bilthem[edit]

When you defeat Doros, you win the Light Rune, that increases your magic attribute by 40 points when used in battle. This means not only that your spells will be stronger, but also that you'll have better defense from enemy spells. No other item has this ability.

Once you defeat Doros, all the monsters in the castle disappear. Not only that: the magic flame barriers vanish too, as well as the brainwash spell affecting the people of the kingdom. Now you can rest at the inn and at the healer, and you can also go shopping.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Fire sword 13900 45 Mystc armor 10500 32 Potion 1 20
Insa sword 18600 53 Fort armor 12200 42 Potion 2 100
Desp axe 15000 40 Hope robe 5600 12 Potion 3 400
Kryn axe 21000 50 Anger robe 9000 16 M. water 1200
Brill rod 4000 17 Sound shield 9200 +28 Harp 500
Pearl 200
Ruby 1000
Sapphire 2500
Emerald 5000