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Map of Ticondera; the areas of this chapter are highlighted in green.

It's recommended to be at least at Level 24 at the beginning of this chapter.


Dowaine is the southernmost town in this area. Coming from Dowaine, you just have to follow the coast northeast and and slightly inland to reach Belaine.

The people of Belaine are worried because of the price rise in the ore that is at the base of their economy. The ore is sold by Telaine, in the north, and if prices stay this high, Belaine will declare war.

In the shops, new items you can purchase are highlighted in green. The weaponsmiths sell swords for the price shown, but the real value is in brackets; like every item, the weaponsmith swords are sold for half their real purchase value. The Muramasa sword is the best weapon for Valsu at this stage of the game.

DO NOT purchase a Brill. shield or a Cour. armor: you can find them for free in the treasure room of Telaine castle.

Weapon shops Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Desp sword 8200 33 Royl armor 2400 14 Potion 1 20
Fear sword 11500 38 Cour armor 5000 18 Potion 2 100
Power axe 8100 31 Seas robe 3700 8 Magic Herb 1 80
Desp axe 16000 40 Hope robe 5600 12 Magic Water 1200
Conf rod 2500 14 Brill shield 6800 +18 Bottle of Ice 20
Weaponsmiths Wind ball 80
Znte sword (100G) 4000 2 Ruby 1000
Tidal sword (1000G) 1000 18 Pearl 200
Muramasa sword (5020G) 5000 26 Saphr 2500

You can find the treasure room of Belaine on the ground floor of the castle, in the room on the left. The treasure consists of:

Elnard 0881 KingTrick.png
  • K. Trick
  • Potion 2
  • Pearl
  • Anger robe
  • Royal armor (already purchased in Chapter 4, sell it for 1200 G)


Telaine is one of the candidate hometowns of Esuna, the elf girl. The barman is different, but five years have passed.

From Belaine, it's better to head east toward the water before heading north to reach Telaine. Otherwise you might miss Telaine in your crystal ball and go too far north.

In Telaine, people is worried by their neighbors. Unfortunately, the King had to raise prices because their mines got exhausted. Is there a way to avoid war? That's not your concern, apparently.

An insectoid in town tells you about the Sky Rune, that should be located on the island of Beore, to the east.

DO NOT purchase an Anger robe, because you can find one for free in the treasure room of Belaine castle.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Cour sword 5300 28 Royl armor 2400 14 Potion 1 20
Desp sword 8200 33 Cour armor 5000 18 Potion 2 100
Power axe 8100 31 Hope robe 5600 12 M. Water 1200
Desp axe 16000 40 Anger robe 9000 16 M. Siphon 200
Brill rod 4000 17 Brill shield 6800 +18 Wind ball 80
Pearl 200
Topaz 500
Emerald 5000
Diamond 10000
Hidden item in Telaine castle.

In the castle, there is a room guarded by two soldiers on the first floor below the entrance level. One of them doesn't say anything ("..."). Search the pillar in front of him to find a Potion 3.

Starting from the potion location, walk to the right ang down a flight of stairs. The door there leads to the treasure room. These are the contents of the chests:

  • Brill shield
  • Cour armor
  • Magic water
  • Potion 2
  • Sapphire
  • empty

Cave of Beore[edit]

Elnard 0881 KingTrick.png

Before going to the island of Beore, you might want to take a little detour to Padal, in the West, and purchase some Bottles of Agility.

The Cave of Beore is on two floors, but the lower one is optional. There are many chests on both floors, but several of them are Killer Tricks!

Upper level chests:

  • Potion 2
  • Potion 3
  • Antidote
  • B. Agility
  • Topaz
  • K. Trick
  • K. Trick

Lower level chests (optional):

  • Magic water
  • Magic herb 1
  • Mirror
  • Vitality seed
  • Protection seed
  • K. Trick
  • K. Trick

Ruins of Luze[edit]

Scattered around the ruins you can find seven Crystals of Peace: remember to show them to the King of Telaine when you go back. If you do show them to the king, the prices of all swords, axes, armors and shields will drop by 10% all over Ticondera!

On the other hand, if the king asks you and you refuse to show him a crystal, Belaine and Telaine will start a war, and all the prices will raise. You should definitely show him the crystals!

BOSS: Dragon[edit]

Elnard b2203 Dragon.png

This boss main weakness is his slow speed. Drink two bottles of Agility (plus the usual Bottles of Power and Protection), and you'll dodge a good portion of his attacks. Moreover, if you wear the Fire Cloak you'll get extra protection from most of his attacks.

Once you defeat the dragon, you can get to the altar, just to find out that another apprentice took the rune before you! No matter how early you get to the Ruins of Luze, the Rune will be taken. Still, you must get there to make the Sky Rune appear in the game, although in the hands of someone else.

  • Trivia: The message in the game is definitely unfair. It should have been something like "Someone else stole the rune" or "Someone took the rune". I mean, you're there to do exactly the same!

BOSS: one of Lemele's warriors[edit]

Elnard b2345 Lemele'sWarrior2.PNG

This boss can be any of the other six apprentices, except for your companion and for the one you did in at Patrof.

To find this competitor you should check all the towns you visited so far. Use the Wind Rune to travel faster. Still, the Sky Rune apprentice could be in one of the towns you still have to get to. Nevermind, after some battles (any excuse is good for grinding one more level) take another tour of Ticondera to see if the Sky Rune appeared in any city you know.

NOTE: There is also a chance that the warrior will ask to join you instead of attacking.

Due to the unfair difficulty of this battle, you should use the Duel-breaking cheat. Here is a quick breakdown of the levels at which the characters learn the Revive spell:

  • Lv.10: Valsu the Human healer
  • Lv.24: Esuna the Elf
  • Lv.30: Kamil the Human warrior
  • Lv.42: Olvan the Dwarf

If your character still has to learn Revive 1, you can start the next chapter and chase down the Sky Rune later. If neither of your characters can learn Revive 1 (Lejes, Lux, Wilme), now you should either change partner or prepare for a tough battle (congratulations for getting this far without healing magic, anyway).