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Map of Ticondera; the area of this chapter is highlighted in green.

Normally, you should get into this area from the East, but there are exceptions.

If Esuna or Lux is your main character, she/it gets into this area from the south-west, that is from #Tiffana.

If your main character is Olvan, he can get into this chapter from the #North Tower.


Hidden item in Padal, near Prosa's room.

Padal is a nation of warriors, and its leader is Commander Prosa, who owns the Moon Rune.

Prosa is facing two problems that call him in opposite directions: his allegiance to Telaine requires him to go East and command the army in case of war against Belaine; on the other hand, his daughter was kidnapped in his hometown of Polasu, to the West.

Where you can meet Prosa depends on your previous actions:

  • If neither or both of his problem is solved, Prosa will be here in Padal.
  • If the dispute between Telaine and Belaine is solved in the East, Prosa leaves for his hometown Polasu in the West.
  • If his daughter is rescued in the West, Prosa moves East to Telaine to command the army in the war against Belaine.

No matter where you meet Prosa, he'll agree to give you the Rune only if you save his daughter from the witch Serpent.

Actually, if your main character is either Esuna or Lux, it's quite likely that you will defeat Serpent before meeting Prosa. In that case, the Commander will give you a different task in exchange for the Rune. If the dispute between Belaine and Telaine is still on, he'll ask you to find his military orderly Pegim; this character is in Zellis. If both problems are solved, then a new one will arise: the Moon Rune was stolen; you can meet the thief in the jail of Belaine.

Search a corner of the room next to Prosa's office to find a Recovery.

Prices in the table below assume that the dispute between Belaine and Telaine ended and the two kingdoms are in peace. If not, prices will be 10% higher, or 20% higher if a war erupted.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Fear sword 10400 38 Royl armor 1600 14 Potion 1 20
Fire sword 13900 45 Cour armor 4000 18 Potion 2 100
Desp axe 15000 40 Hope robe 5600 12 Antidote 80
Kryn axe 21000 50 Anger robe 9000 16 M. Water 1200
Brill rod 4000 17 Anger shield 21800 +36 B. Agility 100
B. Protect 100
Opal 100
Pearl 200
Ruby 1000
  • Trivia: The political structure of Padal reminds that of the Teutonic Order in the Middle Ages (1230-1530 ca.) and of the Order of Malta in the Modern Age (1530-1800 ca.): all of them were Order of Knights who governed their own country, respectively Prussia and Livonia (today part of Poland and Latvia) for the Teutonic Order, and the archipelago of Malta for the Order of Malta. This makes Prosa the "Grand Master" of the warriors of Padal.


Pang is the hometown of Olvan, the dwarf.

Pang can be found from Padal by going slightly east and then south around the mountains. Continue west and south along the mountains. When a lake is found, go north and west to reach Pang.

The town of the Dwarves. Olvan the Dwarf can talk with friends and relatives, and he will be told a password to access the treasure room in the cave of Laosu.

An Agility seed can be found in a chest in the basement of a house. There are seven Potions-2 scattered around the town. Instead of selling what you have to make room for them, it's more convenient to come back here whenever you'll need potions-2. Here's the complete list:

  1. walk back from the entrance and search an inlet to the right;
  2. search behind the inn;
  3. search next to the stairs;
  4. search the trees behind the armor shop;
  5. search the trees left of the item shop;
  6. search a tree on the west side of town;
  7. search the trees right of the tavern.

Prices in the table below assume that the dispute between Belaine and Telaine ended and the two kingdoms are in peace. If not, prices will be 10% higher, or 20% higher if a war erupted.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Cour sword 4500 28 Royl armor 1600 14 Potion 1 20
Anger axe 3400 23 Cour armor 4000 18 Potion 2 100
Kryn axe 21000 50 Seas robe 3700 8 M. Water 1200
Fear axe 26000 58 Hope robe 5600 12 B. Power 100
Brill rod 4000 17 Cour shield 2500 +14 B. Fossil 100
Mask 9500 +20 B. Agility 100
B. Protect 100
Vacuum 200
Mirror 200

Accessing the town of Pang triggers another event in Guntz: get back there and talk to the Sage to earn 5000 G easily.

Cave of Laosu[edit]

Optional dungeon; Olvan the Dwarf can find jewels worth 14000 G in a secret treasure room, but only of he learned the password in Pang.

The cave of Laosu is located halfway between Pang and Padal, on the northern side of the mountains (check the map above). Its entrance is invisible, but if you walk west from Padal and hug the mountainside, you'll eventually get there.

Chest list:

  • M. water
  • M. water
  • Harp
Elnard 0881 KingTrick.png
  • Recovery
  • Intelligence seed
  • Ruby
  • Ruby
  • K. Trick

Treasure room:

  • Topaz
  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Ruby
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald

North Tower[edit]

Optional dungeon; it conceals the unique Illus. shield, that can be equipped by Olvan and Kamil only, otherwise it can be sold for 12000 G. In the tower you can also find several other chests.

Chest list:

  • M. Herb 1
  • Illus. shield
  • K. Trick (boss!)
  • Recovery
  • Magic seed
  • Vitality seed
  • Agility seed
  • Ruby
  • Magic Water

Hint: whenever you get up or down a flight of stairs, enemies locations get "reset" and you buy a bit more time. Therefore, even if some stairs lead to detours, climb them up and down just to push the monsters a bit away.

Path to the lonely chest[edit]

On the second floor there is a lonely chest that is actually in a dead end. It contains nothing important, just a Magic Water. For the sake of 100% completion (and some extra grinding, that is always useful), this section helps going quickly through an otherwise very intricate maze.

  • Ground floor: From the entrance, walk into the wall on the right and through a secret passage, then climb the stairs.
  • Floor 1: There's another secret passage in the lower-left corner, pretty much above the secret on the previous floor. Cross there, then walk all the way up to get stairs leading back on the ground floor.
  • Ground floor again and floor 1-b: A small area on the ground floor leads back up to an even smaller dead-end area containing the chest. Enjoy your Magic Water!

Path to the Grime Tower[edit]

  • Ground floor: From the entrance, walk into the wall on the right and through a secret passage, then climb the stairs. There's nothing else of interest on this floor.
  • Floor 1: The stairs upwards just bring you to another long loop. Walk all the way to the bottom of the area and climb the stairs down.
  • Ground floor again: This small room leads back to the first floor.
  • Floors 1-b and 2: Two small areas that lead quickly to the third floor.
  • Floor 3: A long, spiraling corridor, otherwise featureless.
  • Floor 4: At the top of the tower there are two chests: get an Agility seed and a Ruby, then walk into the shining teleporter.

The Grime Tower[edit]

The enemies here are weaker than in the North Tower, but the path is tricky and labyrinthine, with several loops that only make things longer. Normally, it would be just a nuisance, but the many monsters make it quite challenging.

  • Floors 13 down to 2: The floors should be small enough to dodge the enemies. On the slightly larger floor 4 there are two chests containing a Vitality seed and a Magic seed. The rooms on the next floors are still quite small.
  • Floor 1: A small area that brings back up to floor 2. The chest contains an useful Life Recovery.
  • Floor 2-b: The first stairs upwards lead to a loop. Go all the way to the right instead, and climb those stairs down.
  • Floor 1-b: From the stairs, go to the right. If you continue on, it's just a longer loop that leads to the same area on floor 1.
  • Ground Floor: Walk right and follow the outer wall until you get to some stairs upwards. If you go the other way, it's just another loop. If you get to some fork, you'll get to the main gate, but that's a dead end unless Olvan got the Key of Brilliance ([[The 7th Saga/Diverging Paths|Chapter 5).
Elnard 0881 KingTrick.png
  • Floors 1-b and 2-b: These two areas are quite small. On floor 1 the stairs are to the left. On floor 2 there's one direction only.
  • Floor 3-b: There are three chests here. The lowest one is a King Trick, sort of a boss for this dungeon. Open the other two first, and get a Magic herb 1 and the fabled Illus. shield. After you defeat the boss, use an Exigate and the Wind Rune to go back to safety.


Hidden item in Prosa's home.

The area west of Padal is infested by fire-based enemies, especially strong between the North Tower and Polasu. Equip the Cloak of Fire found in Dowaine to one of your characters.

There's an invisible east-west border crossing Polasu. Monsters at any latitude north of Polasu are considerably stronger. Therefore, traveling along the northern coast is harder that crossing the more southern valleys.

In Polasu, Commander Prosa promises to give you the Moon Rune if you save his daughter from the witch Serpent. In Prosa's house, search the rug next to the bottles to find a Bottle of Power.

The item shop is the first one that sells Harps and Mosquitoes, as well as the only one in the game that sells Shield Destroyers. Stock up these items.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Desp sword 7200 33 Cour armor 4000 18 Potion 1 20
Fear sword 10400 38 Brav armor 7600 24 Potion 2 100
Power axe 7300 31 Hope robe 5600 12 M. Herb 1 80
Saber 1600 11 Anger robe 9000 16 M. Water 1200
Fire knife 13600 26 Sound shield 9200 28 Mosquito 150
M. Siphon 200
Shield destroyer 100
Harp 500
Wind ball 80


On the map, the castle of Baran looks nearer to Polasu than Tiffana. The opposite is true, because the path from Polasu to Baran twists around two mountains and a gulf, while from Tiffana to Baran is quite straight. Moreover, the monsters to the south are less strong.

The king of Tiffana promises a reward of 5000 G if you defeat Serpent.

The prices in this table assume that the dispute between Belaine and Telaine is over. If not, swords, axes, armors and shields would be more expensive.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Desp sword 7200 33 Cour armor 4000 18 Potion 1 20
Fear sword 10400 38 Brav armor 7600 24 Potion 2 100
Kryn axe 21000 50 Hope robe 5600 12 Antidote 80
Brill rod 4000 17 Anger robe 9000 16 M. water 1200
Desp rod 5800 20 Xtri shield 50 +1 Vacuum 200
Opal 100
Topaz 500
Ruby 1000
Saphr 2500

The treasure room of Tiffana castle is on the "east tower". That is, from the entrance walk to the right and take the stairs to the top floor. Two more chests are near the throne room.

  • Potion 2
  • Recovery
  • Ruby
  • Just shield
  • Brill sword (found already in Patrof; sell it)

Castle of Baran[edit]

Esuna and Lux
Esuna and Lux probably came from the South-West. In order to go East after clearing this castle, they can either continue North-West of Polasu or East of Pandam. The Cloak of Ice found in Baran castle makes the southern route easier: that way is infested by ice-based enemies, while the northern way is full of fire-based enemies. Traveling East from Pandam, Esuna and Lux can get to Pang, Padal, the cave of Laosu and the North Tower.

Chest list, sorted according to the walkthrough below:

  • Bottle of ice (dead-end path)
  • Bottle of fossil (dead-end path)
  • Intelligence seed (dead-end path)
  • Magic herb 1 (dead-end path)
  • Mirror
  • Pearl
  • Potion 2
  • Wind ball
  • Cloak of ice (search on floor 1)
  • Life recovery
  • Antidote
  • Exigate
  • Magic siphon
  • Vacuum
  • Sapphire (search where Serpent fell)
This background texture is only seen outside the Castle of Baran, therefore it can be assumed that Kamil comes from here or from one of the nearby towns of Tiffana or Polasu.
Hidden item in Baran Castle.

Many enemies in this castle use ice spells. Therefore, if you find the Cloak of Ice in this same castle you'll get a good bonus to the defense.

  • Castle entrance: This area is void of monsters, so you can take a break and heal. The main gate of the castle is locked, but there is a side entrance.
  • Ground floor: Short after enetering the castle, you'll get to a hall with two exits: one to the south-west, the other one to the south-east. If you take the SW direction, you'll ultimately get to a dead end with four chests; this is good for some grinding, then leave the castle and rest. In order to get to the upper floors, from that same hall you should take the SE exit; there are four chests in that direction, too; the crystal does not show them because they are inside two rooms.
  • Floor 1: From the stairs walk left and down. Search the pillars in the dead-end hall to find the Cloak of Ice. The stairs to the next floor are in the opposite direction, though.
  • Floor 2: A more linear floor. There are two chests in the main area and two more in the rooms.
  • Floor 3: The top floor is where you can meet Serpent. After you defeat her, search the floor where she fell to find a sapphire.

BOSS: Serpent[edit]

Elnard b3084 Serpent.png
Hidden item in Baran Castle.

She uses several different spells, including many ice-elemental attacks. Equipping the cloak of ice is an asset. Apart from that, follow the usual strategy: upgrade power, defense and speed, then attack.

After defeating Serpent, search the floor for a sapphire, then enter the room behind her and talk to the kidnapped kids. Go back to Tiffana for the 5000 G reward and to Polasu to get the Moon Rune (if you met Commander Prosa, that is).