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Map of Ticondera; the area of this chapter is highlighted in green.

You should try to be at about level 16 at the beginning of this chapter.


Patrof is one of the candidate hometowns of Esuna, the elf girl.

When you enter the town of Patrof, the streets are vacant. The two people at the front say you should leave because something terrible happened.

In Patrof, there is an Inn and shops that you can use to upgrade your equipment. There is also a free bottle of Magic Water by searching the piles of wood in the bar.

You can learn in the house of healing that there is a hidden entrance to the castle within the town. If you search the graves on the right, one says not to disturb the tombstone: push this up (by moving against it) to reveal the secret entrance.

New items sold in shops are highlighted in green.

Weapon shop Armor shop Items shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Natr sword 2600 21 Anim armor 1600 8 Potion 2 100
Brill sword 4500 25 Royl armor 2400 14 Antidote 80
Anger axe 4000 23 Seas robe 3700 8 Magic Water 1200
Tide rod 1000 8 Kryn shield 500 +8 Bottle of Power 100
Conf rod 2500 14 Cour shield 3000 +14 Exigate 40
Pearl 200
Topaz 500
Ruby 1000
Sapphire 2500
Hidden item in the tavern.

Patrof dungeon[edit]


The dungeons to castle Patrof are infested by extremely fast centipedes called "spideks"[1], furthermore these are capable of poisoning your party. You definitely want to stock up antidotes, and also control one character who can cast Purify. Here they are summarized according to the level at which they learn the spell:

Hidden item in the second area.
  • L5: Valsu the human and Esuna the elf
  • L8: Kamil the human
  • L20: Olvan the dwarf

List of chests:

  • Pr. seed
  • Potion 3
  • M. Water
  • B. Agility
  • Mirror
  • Agl. Seed
  • M. Siphon
  • Antidote
  • Recvry
  • Pearl
  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Red Trick
  • Red Trick
  • Red Trick
  • Red Trick
  • Red Trick

Purchase at least one Exigate in the Item shop, then start exploring the dungeon. The Spidek monsters are annoyingly fast, but they can be petrified. The five Red Tricks are quite strong, so you'd better decide to escape after each fight or so using an Exigate. Even if you escape from the dungeon, the experience and gold remain, so you can eventually earn one or two levels during successive explorations.

  • First Red Trick: at soon as you enter the dungeon, the magic crystal shows a group of chests to the south; one of them is a Red Trick.
  • Second Red Trick: on the first level, to the north, actually close to the stairs that lead to the next level.
  • Third Red Trick: this one is in a dead end about halfway on the second level.
  • Fourth and fifth Red Tricks: both near the stairs that lead to the third area.

After the five Red Tricks, the third area of the dungeon is totally free of chests, so you can rush through it until you emerge in the castle.

  1. Despite the name, the Spideks are centipedes, not spiders. Spiders have eight legs, while arthropodes with ten or more legs are centipedes (scientifically, myriapods). Spideks have twelve legs, therefore they are centipedes.

Patrof castle[edit]

Chests and free items list:

  • B. Agility
  • Potion 2
  • P. seed
  • Ruby
  • Star Rune (defeat the boss)

When you reach the main castle, it appears to be empty beyond a few treasure chests. On the top floor you will find one of King Lemele's apprentices. You will need to defeat the apprentice in one-on-one combat to obtain the rune, but there's no hurry: pretend to accept his offer, and he'll open the castle gates. Now you are free to go back in town, rest at the inn and easily go back to him at full power.

BOSS: one of Lemele's warriors[edit]

Valsu should have learned the Revive 1 spell by now. If he's in your team, leave town, let your other character die, then come back and challenge the traitor. Cast Revive1, and your ally will join in the duel.

Three other characters learn the same spell, but at far higher levels, therefore it's unlikely they can use this trick now. Also, the trick does not work using a bottle of Magic Water.

Lux and Esuna cannot be the traitor apprentice.

Start the fight drinking three bottles or by using the spells equivalent to them in this order: Protection, Agility and Power. Keep healing with the Rune and the Potions-2, because your opponent is likely to defeat you in two hits.

When your opponent's Health Points drop to about 25%-40%, he'll use a healing spell, even if they don't normally learn one, to replenish 40 or 90 HP. To defeat him, you have to charge up a powerful blow or use a high damaging spell. The enemy will vary in strategy and stats, but they will use the spells they know to buff, debuff, and attack you. For the physical attackers, they usually just attack you. If your opponent is anyone but Valsu or Olvan, you can also use the Shield destroyer found in Bonro to cast Defense 2, lowering their defense. This makes your physical attacks much more stronger and could out damage their healing depending on the warrior.

After the battle, the traitor drops the Star Rune, the third one out of the seven.

When the traitor is defeated, he will remain unrecruitable and will no longer be found anywhere in the game. Some townsmen will inform you of the city of Bone to the north-east afterwards as well.