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Map of Ticondera; the area of this chapter is highlighted in green.


After going through the Gate of Earth, you should reach Bonro.

Free items to find:

  • Map
  • Shield destroyer

In the following table, new items are highlighted in green.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Fire axe 70 2 Pyst armor 700 4 Potion 1 20
Psyte axe 300 6 Xtri shield 70 +1 Potion 2 100
Anim sword 350 7 Silk robe 800 4 Magic herb 1 80
Kryn sword 800 12 Scarf 1200 +10 Antidote 80
Petr staff 180 3 Bottle of fossil 100
Exigate 40
Pearl 200
Topaz 500
Ruby 1000
Hidden item in the item shop

If you spoke with Gain the businessman in Rablesk, you can meet up with him in Bonro. First, head to the building just left of the bar. Speak with the person there, and he will mention that Gain has gone to another building. After a hunting trip throughout the city, he will finally return to his home and give you the map.

Search the lower-right corner of the item shop to find a Shield destroyer, that halves one enemy's defense.

In Bonro you can recruit your first companion, but you may also encounter companions that want to challenge you for either fame or for runes; if you do, they will remain hostile for a long time within the game. As one character in the tavern suggests, you should choose a companion that compensates for your weakness. Suggested matches are as following:

  • Olvan the dwarf (fighter with healing magic) and Lejes the demon (wizard with black magic).
  • Valsu the human or Esuna the elf (wizards with white magic) and Lux the tetsujin or Wilme the alien (fighters with little magic).
  • Kamil can match anyone, except maybe Olvan and Lejes.

If your chosen companion refuses to join, leave town, earn at least 500 more experience points and get ask everyone again. Their answer is always randomly generated, so make sure to ask every 500 points.

In the south-west corner of Bonro there is a house where a sick child lives with his family. They're waiting for a medicine from Rablesk. After you recuited a companion, walk back to Rablesk: you'll find that the merchant left town, and if you go back again to Bonro you'll meet him in the house of the boy, that is now healed and thanks you. This side quest gives no prize, but it's a good way to do some grinding.


When you are powerful enough to defeat Androids either by yourself or in a group of two, head to the southwest to the village of Zellis.

Free items to find:

  • Topaz
  • Wind ball

In the following table, new items are highlighted in green.

Weapon shop Armor shop Item shop
Weapon Cost Atk Armor Cost Def Item Cost
Anger sword 1700 16 Pyst armor 700 4 Potion 1 20
Anim axe 2500 19 Anim armor 1600 8 Potion 2 100
Natr sword 2600 21 Xtri shield 70 +1 Antid 80
Tide staff 1000 8 Kryn shield 500 +8 Magic water 1200
Saber 1700 11 Silk robe 800 4 Mirror 200
Xtre robe 1600 6 Opal 100
Topaz 500
Ruby 1000
Sapphire 2500
Hidden item in the tavern
Hidden item in a house

In Zellis you can meet the other three Lemele's warriors. You can change companion. As before, answers change every time you earn 500 experience points.

Also, you must recruit Brantu the historian in order to get through the next dungeon. He wants to head to the City of Melenam, but has trouble because of the monsters. Only with him you should head to the west to reach Melenam.

In the boxes in the upper-right corner of the tavern you can find a Topaz. In bottle in a house east of the item shop you can find a Wind ball.

A girl in the tavern promises to tell you a secret if you give her a topaz after you find the Wind Rune. The secret has no relevance whatsoever, but walking back to Zellis can be a good excuse for some grinding.

To the west of Zellis is the Cave of Melenam.

  • Trivia: Zellis could be an alternate spelling of Ferris/Fellis, the name of a character in both Brain Lord and Mystic Ark, the other two video games in the "Elnard Trilogy".

Ruins of Melenam[edit]

The cave of Melenam contains the first rune, as some people in Zellis told you, and is marked on the crystal ball. Recruit Brantu the historian before leaving Zellis to get to Melenam. He also tells you that Melenam is to the west.

List of chest and free items:

  • Potion 2
  • Potion 3
  • Antidote
  • Antidote
  • Magic herb 1
  • Magic water
  • Magic water
  • Magic water (search floor)
  • Brown coat (armor for Lux)
  • Protection seed
  • Wind Rune
  • Opal
  • Opal
  • Pearl
  • Pearl
  • Topaz
  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Trick (enemy that drops a jewel)
  • empty chest
  • empty chest

The crystal ball shows the locations of chests and runes, but not the map of the surroundings.

  • Cave of Melenam, first area

From the entrance climb any one of the two visible stairs (they lead to the same platform), then walk right and down to the 1st chest. From there, walk back up, right and down two flights of steps to the 2nd chest. Walk right and up to the 3rd chest. Backtrack three stairs and continue up, right and down to get the Wind Rune. Go all the way up and open the 5th chest. Continue to the right and down the first stairs to the 6th chest. Go back to the previous platform (because this leads to a dead end) and walk down the next stairs, then left and up all the way to the 7th chest. Now go all the way down to the 8th chest and continue to the passage for the next area.

  • Cave of Melenam, second area

This area is very small: no forks, no chests. At the end of the passage, Brantu opens the gate for you.

Hidden item: a rare armor for Lux
  • Ruins of Melenam, third area

Now that he's got to Melenam, Brantu bids you farewell. The ruins of Melenam are an area that was sealed off from the monsters, so you can relax and walk freely around here. The use of the Wind Rune will be explained in the next town, but you can try and use it here (no spoilers, but don't worry). You can talk with the broken tetsujins, but if you search them you'll find nothing.

From the starting room, open the upper door to room with two chests. Search the middle of the floor to find a Brown coat: this is a rare equipment for Lux, and it can also be sold for 1500 Gold pieces. Explore the rest of this floor to find five more chests, then proceed to the next area.

  • Ruins of Melenam, fourth area

In this area there are the last four chests. You can then leave for the next part of the dungeon.

  • Cave of Melenam, fifth area

This last area has no chests. Climb the first ladder and you'll meet the boss. Search the spot where Pison was standing to find a Magic Water. Keep climbing upwards to get to the exit: every other path leads to dead ends.

Trivia: Note that the Wind Rune is outside the ruins of Melenam. In fact, it is revealed later that Melenam sank into the sea before the seven Runes were scattered around the world. It can be assumed that the Wind Rune was in the hands of a nameless adventurer who lost it (and probably he lost his life too) in the Cave of Melenam.

BOSS: Red Pison[edit]

Hidden item where Pison fell again

As you enter another set of caves, you will eventually encounter Pison again. He is far stronger this time around, and will also use a healing ability once when he runs low on health.

Actually, before fighting Red Pison you can use the Wind Rune to teleport freely between the ruins of Melenam (but not the caves) and the previous towns, where you can rest and buy items.

You'll want to cast Defense 1 on yourself or use the Bottles to do so as well as any other buffs you can use. It is recommended that you at least have a companion for this fight to make it easier, or level grind to around 15 or 16. Once you buff up, hit him as hard as you can with everything you have. He has a large amount of health and again, will heal himself when low. Thankfully, he only uses physical attacks, so you can trade blow for blow by defending and attacking to win this fight easily enough.

Once he's defeated, stand where he was and search his spot to collect a bottle of magic water.

The next town[edit]

When you emerge from the ruins of Melenam, check your magic map: you are at the southmost end of an island. Travel north to reach the town of Eygus.