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Original version[edit]

Action Game Boy Nintendo 3DS
Navigate inventory
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad
Item Box A
A button A button
Item Box B B button B button
View map Select button Select button or Y button
Open inventory Start button Start button
Save menu A button + B button + Start button + Select button A button + B button + Start button + Select button

Nintendo Switch remake[edit]

Despite the fact that a single joycon has every button (map could be assigned to either L/R or ZL/ZR), this game cannot be played with a horizontal joycon.

Nintendo Switch Action
Neutral lstick Move
Navigate inventory
A button Interact. lift objects (once you get the power bracelet)
B button Sword
X button, Y button Items
L button/ZL button Dash (once you get the boots)
R button/ZR button Shield
Plus button Open inventory
Minus button View map