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Once you have visited the Camera Shop for the first time you can begin collecting photos. Most of these can be acquired only at certain key moments during the game, so if you want to collect them all you'll have to be very careful not to let a photo opportunity pass you by.

There is no reward for completing the pictures album, apart from watching the photos. Therefore, the screenshots are listed at the bottom.

Photo spots[edit]

  1. Talk to the photographer and agree to have your picture taken. Link pulls the typical Japanese photo pose, i.e. the V-sign (nothing to do with the peace sign, actually).
    • Alternate photo: answer "No" every time when the photographer offers to take Link's picture, until he pushes Link back to the curtain.
  2. Take Marin to the cliff at the seaside in the south-west of Koholint to get this picture.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  3. Get this simply by falling into the village well any time when Marin is following you.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  4. Take Marin all the way back to the Flying Rooster memorial.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  5. Look in the (invisible) window on the right-hand side of Old Man Ulrira's house.
  6. Simply leave Madam MeowMeow's house after returning BowWow to get this one.
  7. A photo of a furtive-looking Link skulking out of the Mabe Village shop. Get this by stealing something from the shop.
  8. After getting the Magnifying Glass, go visit the fisherman under the bridge. Talk to him and he'll get a bite. He reels in the cameraman who takes a photo as the fisherman falls in the water.
  9. Go to the seemingly empty house to the north-east of Animal Village after acquiring the Magnifying Glass. You'll discover a hidden Zora there.
  10. Go stand in front of Kanalet castle before lowering the drawbridge, and Richard will come up saying something about a hunt.
    • This picture can be missed permanently!
  11. Get this one by examining the ghost's grave after helping him.
  12. Go to the hen house on Tal Tal Heights and walk to the middle of the bridge two screens east of that location.


2 versions of the first photo
Zelda LA Photo 01.png Zelda LA Photo 00.png

4 photos that can be permanently missed
Zelda LA Photo 02.png Zelda LA Photo 03.png Zelda LA Photo 04.png Zelda LA Photo 10.png

7 photos that are always available
Zelda LA Photo 05.png Zelda LA Photo 06.png Zelda LA Photo 07.png Zelda LA Photo 08.png Zelda LA Photo 09.png Zelda LA Photo 11.png Zelda LA Photo 12.png