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This section shows the walkthrough of the entire game. However, since the game offers maximum freedom of movement from the start, without any subdivision by levels, it is not always strictly necessary to obtain the items in the order shown. For example, once the party has been upgraded, the three keys can be retrieved in the preferred order, or, it is possible to get Freeon-Leon's special weapon before Gil's. The important thing is to already have the skills necessary to access the various areas of the world. The more skills you get, the more areas you can explore. Here are some basic tips, for those unwilling to read the entire walkthrough:

  • To gain life points more quickly, always kill enemies by stomping them. In this way you will have a chance to get a crystal, which will make you gain 2 life points. Enemies who are killed by throwing a ball at them or with special weapons do not leave any other balls or crystals.
  • Bop-Louie is the most controllable of the four characters. He walks fast and is quite skilled in jumping. It is therefore advisable to use Bop-Louie as a rule and switch to the other characters only when you need their specific skills.
  • You cannot have more than one Medicine at a time. If you take another chest with a Medicine when you already have one in your inventory, the first one will be lost. So act accordingly. More generally, it is advisable to start collecting and using Medicines only when you can start collecting Life Containers.
  • Use the map. Given the breadth of Ufouria's world, you might as well get lost. So keep an eye on your position on the map from time to time. The map can also show you where to find various items. Therefore always look for a way to reach the colored squares.
  • Pits are never deadly in this game. As you explore the world, you can also purposely jump into them to discover new areas.