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Freya's Requirements[edit]

This chapter you need to send up an archer (or close enough) who has:

  • A Hero Value of 65
  • The ability 'Find Trap'
  • The ability 'Survival'

Mode Differences[edit]

  • You can only recruit the character Kashell in Chapter 3 while playing Normal or Hard modes.
  • The Oddrock Caves inside Camille Village only appear on Normal or Hard mode.
  • Brahms Castle appears in this chapter on either Hard or Normal Modes without having to use a Spiritual Concentration for it. It's on the western island.
  • Clockwork Mansion only appears in this chapter on Hard Mode.
  • The Gorhla Cult HQ only appears in this chapter on either Easy or Normal Modes.


  • You can recruit the character Kashell from Camille Village if you're playing either Normal or Hard Mode.
  • In Hai Lan, the characters Yumei, Jun and Nanami may appear in either this chapter, or chapters 3 or 4.
  • Janus may be recruited from Crell Monferaigne in either this chapter, or chapters 3 or 4.

Things to Do[edit]

  • If you recruit Nanami, go visit the Pleiades Shrine in Hai Lan and Minayo will give you the sword 'Dragonbane'.
  • If you recruit Janus, go to Crell Monferaigne and visit his house. There you'll get a cutscene and the bow 'Raven Slayer'.
  • If you recruit Yumei, go visit the shore to receive the item 'Fragment of Lapis Gem'.
  • After you recruit Kashell, go back to the cemetery to get the sword 'Vainslayer'. Also, head towards the crypt that the two children were playing around and you now gain access to the Oddrock Caves.