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These are characters that appear in the game, but are unplayable. Non-playable characters are commonly known as NPCs.


During a period of time where Lenneth was put to sleep, she was reborn as a human in Midgard named Platina. A beautiful young girl with silver-blue hair, she suffered constant abuse from her parents. When her friend Lucian found out that her parents planned to sell her into slavery, she agreed to run away with him, but the two accidentally wandered into the Weeping Lily Meadow. Having lost hope for her life and for her future, Platina died in Lucian's arms from the toxic pollen, and was laid to rest in the meadow. The gods sealed Lenneth's memories of her life as a human away, thinking that she would be easier to control if she couldn't remember the one human she had loved until her mortal death.


The Norse god of mischief, Loki secretly works to usurp power from Odin by stealing the Dragon Orb. After killing Odin's enemy, Surt, he then goes on the offensive, killing Odin, and taking control of Asgard. A nihilist, his only wish is for the destruction of all life, but he is stopped when Lenneth confronts him with the power of creation in her soul.


The lord of the gods, he orders Lenneth to locate Einherjar to assist in the battle against Surt, leader of the frost giants. He is also responsible for the original theft of the Dragon Orb, taking it from the Palace of the Dragon in Midgard to keep in his personal collection of artifacts (a fact that he and Freya kept hidden from Lenneth). He is ultimately betrayed by Loki and murdered, unable to withstand the power Loki could wield with the Dragon Orb. Odin is a rarity among the gods, as he has human blood in his veins which grants his powers the capability to grow in strength.


The sister of Lenneth and Silmeria, Hrist is a valkyrie that serves Odin's will with great zeal. When Barbarossa, king of the city of Dipan was fooled into an unethical search for immortality by his three mages, Hrist unjustly executed the innocent king, and laid the entire city to waste. A frightening figure, she was brought out of slumber to replace Lenneth after her much more forgiving sister regained her memories as a human.


The long-deceased king of Dipan, a city that once thrived in Midgard centuries before the game takes place. Barbarossa was fooled into a search for immortality by his three mages, and as a result incited the wrath of Odin. The valkyrie Hrist turned Barbarossa's execution into a spectacle, publicly beheading him via guillotine in the city square. His ghost, angered by this unjust action, haunted Dipan's remains, and attacked Lenneth, believing her to be the one that killed him. Lenneth is then sent back in time to the day of the execution, where she finds Barbarossa's wife and is entrusted with the king's crown. Upon returning to the present, Lenneth presented the crown to Barbarossa's spirit. Realizing his grave error in judgement, Barbarossa apologizes to Lenneth, praising her with his utmost gratitude before finally resting in peace.


A human woman from Midgard. Celia is a mercenary that is a friend and ally of numerous characters, including Arngrim, Kashell, Aelia, Lawfer, and Grey. However, she grows distraught as each of her friends dies one after the other. Eventually, she comes to the conclusion that these events began around the time that Grey killed Lemia (as she believed). When she finally finds Grey, she attempts to confront him, but becomes lost when Grey's armor falls to pieces, revealing that he had disappeared. (In fact, moments before Celia's arrival, Grey had attempted the ritual of soul transfer to exchange his life for Lemia's but because Lemia had brought him back from death through her own soul transfer, the ritual failed and Grey's physical body ceased to be.) After this event Celia collapses in anguish, but what fate ultimately befalls her is unknown.


Freya's sister. She appears briefly at the beginning of the game to welcome Lenneth at the gates of Valhalla, and reappears at certain key points throughout the rest of the game. Unlike Odin and Freya, Frei appears to see Lenneth as a friend rather than a tool, but due to a rather naive nature, she angers Lenneth after the valkyrie returns to Asgard with her memories in tact, mentioning how Loki had stolen the Dragon Orb and ruined Odin's plans to eventually subjugate Midgard. She is also the one that explains the connection between Platina and Lenneth to Lucian.


The youngest sister of Lenneth and Hrist, she is a captive of Brahms, whom Lenneth and Hrist both make separate attempts to defeat. (Brahms persuades Lenneth not to fight, as she could not possibly win, whereas Arngrim, Lezard and Mystina assist him in defeating Hrist.) At the end of the game, she remains in Brahms's clutches. She only appears in the game for a brief time if the player chooses to fight Brahms when confronting him as Lenneth.

Silmeria is one of the primary protagonists of the upcoming PlayStation 2 sequel, Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria, along with Alisha, the daughter of King Barbarossa and the princess of Dipan.